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What is an Infinity Pool or Vanishing Edge Pool?

And Is One Right For You?

If you’ve been doing research on the various types of inground pools, you may have come across the term infinity pool, also known as a vanishing edge pool or negative edge pool. People use the terms pretty much interchangeably, but they’re all the same thing. These high end pools are the epitome of luxury, and create a resort-like feel in your own back yard.

An infinity pool, or vanishing edge pool, creates an optical illusion. Your eyes tell you that the pool edge is merging into the backdrop of the pool – whether that’s the Chesapeake Bay or the city skyline. The water flows out of one or more edges of the pool and disappears. But your brain knows there’s more to it than that.

Infinity Pool Cost is a Factor

The initial cost for an infinity pool installation is going to be considerably more than the cost for installation of a standard fiberglass or concrete inground pool. This is because of the complexity involved. It’s almost like installing two pools at the same time. The main pool must be completely level with a steady flow of water spilling over. The overflow from the upper pool spills over into the “catch pool” below. The catch pool is also referred to as the surge chamber. It has a small basin that sits below the vanishing edge to collect water and recirculate it back into the main pool structure.

Precise blueprints, architectural design and engineering skills are necessary to ensure your infinity pool looks like and performs like it is supposed to. While the installation cost may be more, if you have the budget, the “wow” factor of an infinity pool will be well worth the investment. You should also keep in mind that an infinity pool requires more pool care and maintenance than a standard inground pool, as well.

If you’re looking to install an inground pool, and you desire the look and sophistication of a high end resort or luxury hotel, an infinity pool may be right for you. Make sure the luxury pool installers you work with have experience with the design and installation of infinity pools. Not every pool contractor has this expertise.

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