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Salt Water Pools

Baltimore Salt Water Pool Installation

Salt water pool installation is a growing trend, mainly because you don’t get that chlorine smell or stinging of the eyes like you do with a traditional chlorine pool. But it’s not like swimming in the ocean – you don’t get a mouthful of salty water every time you go for a swim.

A salt water pool system uses what’s called a salt chlorine generator. This means instead of adding chlorine to your pool water, you add salt, and the generator converts it to the chlorine your pool needs. You add enough salt to allow the generator to function, and the salt also makes the water feel silkier. The “salt water” in your pool is only about 10% of the salinity of the ocean.

We can install your new inground pool with a salt chlorine generator to make it a salt water pool from the very beginning, or we can convert your existing pool to a salt water pool. While installing a salt chlorine generator may have a higher price tag up front, it can help you save money on chlorine and other chemicals in the long run.

Salt Water Pool Conversion

If you’re tired of the chlorine smell permeating your house after a pool party, consider a salt water pool conversion. We simply install the salt water pool system to convert your pool from chlorine to saltwater. A salt chlorine generator works best with fiberglass pools, but also works with concrete pools with a tiled interior surface, and vinyl liner pools with polymer wall panels. We can make sure you get the right salt chlorine generator for your pool, and handle the installation, which involves a good bit of electrical work.

We test your water before adding any salt, to ensure we add the right amount, but not too much. Then we’ll add the appropriate amount of salt – we use only sodium chloride (NaCl) salt that is greater than 99% pure. This is common food grade salt or water softener salt and is usually available in 40-80 pound bags. We DO NOT use rock salt, salt with anti-caking additives, or iodized salt.

It may take 2-3 days of testing the water to find the ideal setting for your pool, but after that, the salt chlorine generator should only need minor, infrequent adjustments.

It’s important to note that salt water pool water needs to be tested more frequently, to make sure the chlorine levels don’t creep up too high. Salt water pools also tend to have a faster calcium buildup, so it’s important to monitor pH levels and add muriatic acid as needed. If we installed your pool, our pool care team can handle all of the testing and chemical additives for you.

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