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Pool Heater

Is a Pool Heater Worth It?

Here at Woodfield Outdoors, we specialize in inground pools, so when we talk about heaters, we mean inground swimming pool heaters. We can tell you that we’ve never had a client tell us they regretted installing a pool heater. That…

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Pool Waterfall

Inground Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Adding one or many swimming pool waterfalls to your inground pool and spa area can really enhance your pool experience. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of falling water. If you’re in the midst of planning to install…

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Pool Safety Tips

7 Important Pool Safety Tips

An inground swimming pool makes pool parties a blast, especially in the summer – assuming the weather cooperates. Pool safety is important all year long, but especially so when you may have large numbers of people at your home and…

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Maryland Pool Fence Laws

Maryland Pool Fence Laws

You have your dream outdoor living space, complete with an inground pool. Congratulations! But are you keeping everyone safe and complying with Maryland pool fence laws? Pool fences keep out unwanted visitors and help prevent accidental drownings. Maryland pool fence…

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