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Is An Infinity Pool Right For You?

You may have seen an infinity pool at a resort, at the movies or in a magazine. They’re not all that common, but they certainly are stunning. Simply put, an Infinity pool is an inground swimming pool where the water flows over one or more edges. This produces a visual effect of water with no boundary – like the water is disappearing at the horizon.

An infinity pool embodies elegance and luxury. Woodfield Outdoors has experience designing and installing infinity pools, also known as infinity edge pools. Infinity pools carry a much higher cost than your standard inground pool, because they require quite a bit of additional structural, mechanical, and architectural work.

Infinity Edge Pool Installation

The Woodfield Outdoors team will do a site evaluation of your property before determining the best location for your new Infinity edge pool installation. After the site visit, our design and build team will develop a proposal outlining the various aspects of your installation, including site preparation, engineering, and actual construction.

Your Infinity pool will turn your outdoor living space into a resort area that will impress you and your friends. The pool care team at Woodfield Outdoors offers a plan specifically for Infinity pools that includes pool cleaning and maintenance, as well as checking all of the structural issues unique to an Infinity pool.

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