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Transform Your Backyard with Custom Plunge Pools

At Woodfield Outdoors, we excite every customer with exceptional outdoor living experiences. As part of our commitment, we are thrilled to now offer plunge pools.


Tailor your pool experience like never before with the most customizable pool on the market.


Experience your new plunge pool in record time—make a splash sooner than you think.

Durability in
all Climates

Robust concrete and precast materials easily withstand harsh winters and storms.


Struggling to Find the Perfect Pool That Fits Your Needs and Outdoor Space?

You’ve worked hard. You deserve a dream pool with high-quality, beautiful designs that complement your home and lifestyle. But finding the right pool for your outdoor space and preferences comes with challenges.

  • Navigating space limitations and constraints
  • Finding add-ons for your health and wellness needs
  • Dealing with limited customization options
  • Installation concerns and lengthy setup processes
  • Overcoming these problems requires a personalized approach from an expert team.
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Discover the Perfect Blend of Style, Convenience, and Quality for Exceptional Outdoor Living

Expect the Exceptional with Plunge Pools

For over 30 years, we’ve delivered a complete range of unique outdoor living solutions to the finest homes in Northern Maryland. Our options are growing—we’re authorized dealers of plunge pools through Plunge Pool Concepts.

Plunge pools—also known as splash pools, leisure pools, and cocktail pools—offer greater customization and flexibility.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Woodfield is the best in the business. Their team’s dedication to creating a stunning outdoor space is truly commendable. From the initial design phase to the meticulous execution, every step is carried out with precision and a keen eye for detail. The transformations they achieve are nothing short of remarkable.  The professionalism and courtesy exhibited by their staff makes their entire process smooth and enjoyable. I wholeheartedly recommend Woodfield to anyone in search of top-quality, creative, and reliable landscaping and outdoor living project services.”

Noah H.
Rating: 5

“We used Woodfield Outdoors to install our pool. They did a wonderful job. The showroom was great to go and choose what we wanted and see instead of looking at books or photos online.  I knew exactly how I wanted the design of our pool and they made the vision happen. Our family has been extremely happy with our investment. I highly recommend Woodfield Outdoors to others.”

Danielle M.
Rating: 5

“Woodfield Outdoors is a top notch company that outperforms every competitor in the area. We absolutely love our outdoor oasis and their attention to detail in their workmanship and design. We highly recommend Woodfield Outdoors to anyone looking to improve their backyard space!”

The Bell Family
Rating: 5

Getting Your Dream Pool Has Never Been Easier

1. Schedule A Call

Getting the perfect plunge pool starts with a personalized evaluation by our experts. After our call, we’ll assess your outdoor space onsite and learn your needs so the design aligns perfectly with your home and preferences.

2. Collaborate on a Customized Plunge Pool Design

Work with our team to tailor every aspect of your plunge pool, from size and shape to custom features and upgrades. With a fast installation, we’ll guarantee your pool truly reflects your style and wellness needs.

3. Enjoy Your Dream Plunge Pool

Experience the luxury of outdoor living in a pool specially designed for you—for durability, easy maintenance, and relaxation. Enjoy it all in the comfort of your backyard.

Pick Your Preferred Pool

Don’t Settle for Less. Choose Exceptional Outdoor Living.

Without expert guidance, you risk settling for a plunge pool that falls short of your expectations.

At Woodfield Outdoors, our commitment to quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and partnering with the best in the business guarantees you get exactly what you’re looking for. 

Don’t compromise on your outdoor living dreams. Take the first step towards exceptional outdoor living.

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