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Custom Concrete Pool Installation

Custom concrete pools are beautiful and long-lasting pools with endless design possibilities. We design and build unique pools for clients throughout northern Maryland. Over the last 30 years, we’ve installed thousands of pools, most of which are still in use today, and more beautiful than ever. So, you can trust our expertise.

At our initial consultation, we’ll listen to your ideas, and help you navigate the many options you have when it comes to custom pools and landscaping. We are more than a pool company – we develop an overall plan for your backyard, and complete every aspect of the project, from the pool itself, to retaining walls, pool decking, pool waterfalls, and more.

Our Concrete Pool Installation Process

The pool design and concrete pool installation process of both gunite and shotcrete pools is very similar; the only difference is in the concrete spraying stage. Gunite is a dry mixture where we spray it and add water as we go. Shotcrete is a pre-mixed combination of cement and water.

In every case, concrete pool installation involves the following steps:


Consultation with a Woodfield Outdoors design team member, who will work with you to integrate a concrete pool into your existing landscape or include it as part of a larger outdoor living space, which could include a patio, pavillion, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace.


Careful measurement and excavation of your space by our trusted Woodfield crews. A Landscape architect will come out to take all measurements and elevations to ensure we give you an accurate proposal. No surprises. 


Installation of adequate plumbing as determined by your project’s specific needs.


Woodfield crew members then install a reinforced cage of 3/8” steel rebars into the site excavated for the concrete pool, placing them at a distance of ten inches and securing the reinforcement with a wire.


Next our dedicated crew will begin the application of concrete – either gunite or shotcrete – onto the reinforcement. We apply both in a similar fashion, using a compressed air and spray mechanism. In gunite application, the cement and water do not mix completely until the spray hits the surface, so having trusted operators performing this critical step is crucial to ensuring an exceptional final product. We blast compressed air over the surface for compaction of the material once application is complete of either gunite or shotcrete. Woodfield crews manually level the surface using a trowel afterwards.


The pool cures for a week, after which we apply a finish on the concrete. This may be plaster, paint, or fixing tiles. We are authorized pool builders for Pebble Technology Pool Finishes which add a custom touch to your new concrete pool. The pool is now complete and ready to be filled and enjoyed as part of your backyard living space for many seasons to come. Let the pool party begin!


You can trust the team at Woodfield to provide you with an exceptional inground pool design and installation. We’ve been in business as a swimming pool contractor and landscape designer for more than 25 years, and we stand behind our workmanship. We offer quality inground pool installation and pool decking installation to Maryland homeowners in the following areas: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County, and Howard County. Call us today at 443-299-6500 or use our contact form to schedule a project estimate.

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