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Protect Your Investment with Woodfield’s Pool Care

Protecting your investment with proper cleaning and regular maintenance will not only keep your pool beautiful – it will help keep your pool healthy and ready to be enjoyed by your family and friends all season long.

Along with proper cleaning, your pool water must be regularly tested, measured, and adjusted for both its pH balance and level of active sanitizer. There are many factors that alter or change your pool water quality, including the number of swimmers, frequency of use, product application, and weather conditions. When imbalances continue over time, the water becomes unsanitary, pool surfaces damage, and equipment fails. Let Woodfield keep your pool safe and ready for everyone to enjoy by choosing from one of our pool care plans.


Choose From 3 Plans

Flex Plan

This flexible plan allows you to choose a service with no pre-pay or contract to sign. Under Flex Plan, you pay as you go.

Pool Care Plan

Pool Care Plan – Our Pool Care Plan Includes a pool opening and closing, as well as (2) in-season pool care visits.

Pool Ready Plan

The Pool Ready Plan is our most comprehensive package. This Plan includes a spring opening and winter closing, as well as bi-weekly pool care visits for the entire season.

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Remove Pool Cover
Place pool circulation, filtration, and heater in use, in “as is” condition
Remove winterization plugs and install the owner’s fittings
Reassemble and install pool deck equipment (e.g., ladder, diving board)
Add shock and sanitizer to pool water, including chlorine, DE, and algaecide
Vacuum mesh covered clear pools + $50.00/hr
One-hour pump time for solid covered pools
Leaf removal for solid-covered pools ½ hour included
Blow off pool deck
Brush cover and/or blow off debris
Initiate spas, water features, and in-floor cleaning systems + $29.00/each


 when called

$89.00 for the
first hour then $20.00
per every 15 minutes
(Chemicals not included)

 2 per season


Check and clean debris from skimmers and pool cleaning system
Clean watermark tile
Check and analyze pool water chemistry
Adjust stabilization chemicals (pH, alkalinity, chlorine)
Backwash filter as required
Check and fill automatic chemical feeders
Brush pool steps and benches
Brush and clean debris from spa
Perform system check, including lights, heater, blower, and controls
Vacuum pool as needed





Disassemble and store all pool deck equipment on the owner’s property
Lower water level to proper winterization levels
Drain and winterize circulation, filtration, and heating system
Remove pool fittings / void all plumbing of water with compressed air and plug
Add winter algaecides and stain inhibitor
Install owner’s pool cover
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