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6 Inground Pool Design Mistakes to Avoid

Investing in an inground pool means making a lot of decisions. Not thinking things through carefully can lead to disappointment and frustration. You don’t deserve that. We’ve pulled together our top 6 pool design mistakes. Read about them and learn how you can avoid them.

Pool Design Mistake #1: Going Too Deep

It used to be that inground pools always had a deep end to allow for such things as a diving board. But if no one in your family dives, do you really need part of the pool to be 8 ft. deep? If you want everyone to be able to enjoy the entire pool comfortably and safely, keep your pool design to a maximum depth of 4-6 ft.

Pool Design Mistake #2: Not Defining the Pool’s Purpose

Think long and hard about how you intend to use a pool. Are you empty nesters who want to swim laps or do physical therapy? A lap pool might be a good pool design. Are you a young family that wants to host fabulous pool parties? A freeform pool with a pool waterfall, pool slide, diving rock, and pool lighting might fit the ticket.

The point is that once your pool is built, you can’t change it as easily as you might change the flooring in your home. Choose the pool design thoughtfully.

Pool Design Mistake #3: Getting the Wrong Size

If you have a smaller yard, you can still have a fantastic pool paradise. Just make sure you don’t let the pool dwarf your yard. And do you really need a 40-ft.-long pool? Do some research and determine how much space the pool and pool deck should take up. An experienced pool designer can help you make these decisions.

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Pool Design Mistake #4: Skipping the Spa

Have you ever relaxed in a spa or hot tub at a hotel or friend’s house? Isn’t it blissful? While adding a spa to your pool area will mean a higher overall cost, skip the spa and you and your family will miss out on a lot. That’s because:

  • Spas are relaxing
  • Heated spas extend the outdoor season
  • Spas can be romantic
  • Spas can help with muscle soreness and tension
  • Spillover spas create a beautiful water feature

The spa can be attached or separated from your inground pool. Determining the placement is part of the overall pool design.

Pool Design Mistake #5: Settling for Plain Plaster

A custom concrete pool deserves a pool finish with a little more pizazz than plain plaster. Plain plaster is a budget finish best suited to large community pools. To give your pool personality and beauty, consider a pebble finish or pool tile as the pool finish. It can complete the lagoon-like feel of a freeform pool or add elegance and a spa-like atmosphere to a rectangular pool.

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Pool Design Mistake #6: Hiring the Wrong Company to Do the Project

Not all pool contractors are experienced in custom pool design. Maybe we should have put this as mistake #1 because who you hire to design and install your custom inground pool will determine how much you enjoy the pool in the future. The right company can help you avoid all of these mistakes because they’re experts in what they do.

Before choosing a pool designer, do your homework. Find several companies that do the sort of high-caliber project you have in mind. Ask neighbors who did their pool and if they would hire the same pool contractor again. Check out the websites of several pool designers and pore through their Portfolio.

Are their pool designs and outdoor living spaces stunning? Set up consultations with several who make the grade, and see who best sees your vision. The best people to design and build your pool also do landscape design and hardscaping and see the big picture.

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Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

If you’re dreaming of creating a pool paradise in your backyard and you’ve decided to go with a custom pool design, we’re glad you’re here. You deserve an exceptional experience from pool design to installation and all the way through decades of pool parties.

We design and build custom concrete pools and outdoor living areas for discerning homeowners. You can find our work throughout the Baltimore area, including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County, and Howard County. Schedule a call today.

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