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Inground Pool in Winter

Winter Pool Care Tips for the New Inground Pool Owner

Just because you (or a pool care service) closed your inground pool successfully this past fall doesn’t mean you can forget about your pool until springtime. Whether your pool was newly installed this summer or you moved into a home with an existing backyard swimming pool, there are some things you need to know about taking care of your inground pool in the winter.

We’ve pulled together some basic tips to help you protect your pool in the off-season.

Winter Pool Care Tip #1: Keep the Pool Cover Secure

Periodically walk around your pool area and take a close look at where the pool cover is attached to your pool deck. If any of the fasteners are loose, or you notice the cover is pulling away from the edge, re-secure it. This will prevent debris from getting in the pool but will also protect pets and wildlife from accidentally getting stuck at the edge of the pool. In addition, keeping the cover taut prevents water from pooling in the middle.

Winter Pool Care Tip #2: Keep the Cover Clean

If your pool is anywhere near trees, you’re going to get a certain amount of leaves, pine needles, twigs, and even branches that want to take up residence on your pool cover. There may also be random pieces of trash that blow in on trash day. Use a leaf blower, push broom, or reaching tool to remove debris. Keeping the pool cover clear also prevents birds and squirrels from checking the area out for winter nourishment, like acorns or worms.

Winter Pool Care Tip #3: Deal with Snow and Water on the Pool Cover

Maryland winters can be tricky. One year we may not see any measurable snow at all, while the next year, we get hit with Snowmageddon. In general, you don’t have to worry about clearing snow off of your pool cover unless you get more than two feet of it. The weight of the snow can cause the pool cover to pull away from the edges. Be sure to use a push broom rather than a shovel if you choose to remove snow from your pool cover. You may also want to invest in a pool cover pump to help remove water from melted snow or heavy rain.

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Winter Pool Care Tip #4: Maintain a Proper Water Level

While the first 3 tips had to do with the pool cover and various issues, this last one has to do with maintaining the right water level through the winter. If the water level is too low, it won’t support your pool cover properly. And if the water level gets too high, it could damage pool tile and pool coping during a freeze-thaw cycle. In general, the water level should be about 1” below the skimmer. Add or pump out water to keep the level stable.

By following these basic tips, your pool should be in good shape for next spring.

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When springtime rolls around, if you notice your pool looking a little shabby or in need of repairs, contact our team to schedule pool repairs and pool renovations. We offer expert pool repair for concrete pools and fiberglass pools. And pool renovations can give an old pool new life.

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