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Concrete Pool Installation Start to Finish

If you’re looking into getting a concrete swimming pool, congratulations! A concrete pool will enhance your outdoor living space, and bring you enjoyment for years to come. You probably already know that concrete pool installation is a much more extensive process than installing a fiberglass pool. That’s because of the additional construction and labor involved.  On average, you can expect the concrete pool installation process to take 6-10 weeks. A lot depends on the size and scope of your project, as well as the weather.

But once you’ve hired a pool builder, here are the basic steps in concrete pool installation, start to finish:

1. Design Phase

Your pool contractor will already know the basics of what you have in mind, based on the initial consultation. Your concrete pool design will complement your existing outdoor living space, or we will design everything for a larger project. Elegance, functionality, and quality are the hallmarks of a Woodfield concrete pool.

2. Permitting

Once you have approved the design and budget, we will handle the permitting process. This may include your HOA, local permitting office, etc. We are experienced in having everything in order and filling out all of the required forms to expedite the permitting process.

3. Marking Out the Utilities and Pool

By now, we will have ensured the utility lines have been marked out. We will then mark out the outline of your pool, using stakes and spray paint. Once we do this, we will schedule your dig date.

4. Excavation and Placing the Forms

We excavate for your pool based on your pool design, allowing for a deep end if there is one, and overall shape. There will be an overdig around the perimeter. Then we cover the floor of the excavation site with stone to create a base. We frame out your pool with wood and rebar to follow the pool design.

5. Rebar

We install a cage of reinforced steel rebar throughout entire pool. This includes the floor and the walls. The rebar will end up encased in the gunite or shotcrete, lending stability to the floor and walls of your concrete pool.

6. Plumbing and Electrical

Next, we install the PVC plumbing lines and any electrical lines that may be needed. We ensure proper placement of water return jets, suction lines, water features, etc.

7. Gunite or Shotcrete Shell

Now comes the fun part. You may want to be home to watch this. Using compressed air and a sprayer, we spray the material onto the rebar reinforcement, building it layer by layer. Our crews manually level the surface using trowels once the application of gunite or shotcrete is finished. The pool will then need to cure for at least a week. We will let you know how to care for the pool during that time.

8. Finishing with Plaster, Paint, or Tiles and Coping

After the pool has fully cured, we come back to finish the pool interior. This can be with plaster, paint, or pool tile. We also use pebble pool finishes from PebbleTec.

9. Pool Decking

Lastly, we install your pool decking. This can utilize a number of materials including concrete, porcelain pavers, stone pavers, and more.

10. Fill It Up

After the installation is complete, and everything has cured or dried, we fill your concrete pool with water and test all of the components. When everything is working properly, we will adjust the pool chemistry as needed. Then it’s time for you to jump in for your first swim in your new concrete pool!

Choosing the Right Concrete Pool Installation Company

Doing your homework is critical when it comes to choosing the right concrete pool installation company. You’ll want to go with a pool builder with extensive experience. Be sure to ask friends, family, and coworkers about who installed their concrete pool.  Ask them who you should consider, and who you might want to avoid. Take a look at the pool contractor websites, and schedule a consultation/estimate. Once you have the estimates, compare apples to apples and choose the company you want to do business with.

And it won’t be long before you’re relaxing on your tanning ledge, or splashing around with the kids!

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