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Fiberglass Pool Installation Start to Finish

If you’re thinking about getting an inground pool, you’re surely taking a look at fiberglass pools. It’s important to learn some things about what fiberglass pool installation entails. Today, we’re breaking down the process for you.

How Long Does Fiberglass Pool Installation Take?

If you hire experienced professionals, fiberglass pool installation can happen very quickly once the proper permits are acquired. That’s as long as the weather cooperates, and there aren’t any other outside factors that might delay the job. But if things go without a hitch, in most cases, the actual pool installation takes about a week. If we are putting in a patio or doing extensive landscaping as part of the same project, that might extend the time frame out to two weeks.

But again, a lot of rain and a poorly draining property may extend the installation time even further. We can hope for a best case scenario, but cannot guarantee it.

9 Steps to Fiberglass Pool Installation

Once you’ve hired a fiberglass pool installation company, and chosen a pool design, the steps to completion should be pretty much the same. They include:

1.   Laying Out the Pool

When you got your estimates, you decided where the pool would be located. The first step in fiberglass pool installation is laying out the pool, and marking where to dig. Every fiberglass pool comes with what’s known as a dig sheet, or dig plan. This is based on a 3D model of your pool. It includes measurements of how deep to dig, as well as the length and width of the pool. Your pool installer may mark your yard with spray paint. By this time, the location of your utility lines will also have been marked.

2.   The Big Dig

The next step in fiberglass pool installation is the excavation. Using the dig sheet, your installer will begin careful excavation. They will dig progressively deeper and wider, to make room for pool to be inserted. There will be a slight overdig all the way around the pool.

3.   Preparing the Base

After the excavation is done, the crew will remove any larger rocks, and lay a bed of sand to create a base for the pool. We will compact this base before pool placement.

4.   Pool Placement

By now, a truck will have arrived with your pool. Using a crane, we will lift your pool and carefully lower it into the excavated area. Once we lower the pool into the hole, we will check levels and measurements to ensure the pool is placed exactly as needed before we begin the next step.

5.   Installing the Plumbing and Electrical

Once the pool is placed, we install the pool plumbing and run the electrical wires. That includes running PVC pipe to the filtration system, fitting the skimmer, installing the pool pump, as well as return piping and return jets. Once all of the plumbing and wiring is in place, we will begin careful backfilling.

6.   Backfilling

Once we’ve installed the plumbing, we will begin carefully backfilling. Backfill usually consists of small gravel, crusher dust, or sand mixed with about 10% cement for added stability. We will simultaneously be filling your fiberglass pool with water to provide equal pressure both inside and outside the pool walls.

7.   Reinforcement and Pool Decking

Once the backfilling is complete, we will pour concrete around the pool to lock it in place. Then we install pavers to cover the concrete edge, and install the pool decking you have chosen.

8.   Inspection

Your local building codes inspector must inspect the pool and sign off on it before you may swim. We have never had a pool that failed inspection.

9.   Cleanup and Balancing Your Pool Chemistry

Before we leave, we will clean up any messes. We will also balance your pool chemistry so that you can start enjoying your pool. In most cases, you can start swimming two days after installation.

Once all of this is complete, you can generally start swimming in your new pool two days after installation.

Choosing the Right Fiberglass Pool Installation Company

It’s important to do your research when it comes to choosing the right fiberglass pool installation company. You’ll want to go with a company with experience. If you’ve chosen a particular manufacturer of fiberglass pools, you can sometimes find local fiberglass pool installers who specialize in that brand. For example, Woodfield installs San Juan Fiberglass Pools.

You should also get recommendations from friends, family, and coworkers about who did their fiberglass pool installation. Ask them who you should consider, and who you might want to avoid. Take a look at their websites, and schedule a consultation/estimate. Once you have the estimates, compare apples to apples and choose the company you want to do business with.

And it won’t be long before you’re lounging by the pool, or playing Marco Polo with the kids!

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