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Pool Automation System

What Is a Pool Automation System and Is It Right for Me?

If you’re addicted to the ease of “Hey, Siri”, “Hey, Google” or “Alexa”, or you’ve automated your thermostat or doorbell or your whole house, you may be interested in a pool automation system. Heck, if you like to “set it and forget it”, a pool automation system might be a good idea. You can get a pool automation system at the same time you get your inground pool installed, or add it to your existing pool.

A pool automation system handles your inground swimming pool and its features, all from your mobile device. Whether you just want to maintain a schedule for running your pool pump, or you want to get the spa running and the pool heater going before you get home from work, you can do it all from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere. That includes while you’re away on vacation. That is of course, as long as you have a good internet connection where your pool control system is located.

Pentair Pool Automation Systems

Here at Woodfield Outdoors, we like the Pentair pool automation systems.  Pentair is one of the best manufacturers in the business. Their pool automation systems give you control of your pool features, including:

  • Pool pump
  • Pool heater
  • Sanitizing
  • Spa features
  • Water features like waterfalls and fountains
  • Pool lighting
  • Automatic pool cleaner
  • And more

These pool automation systems all come with easy-to-use control panels that are built into an outdoor enclosure. You can control all of the functions with one button. There’s no need for you to try and memorize operating sequences, open and close valves, or reset time clocks and thermostats.

It’s like putting your pool on cruise control. You select from systems that control four or eight pool functions. Adding the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator makes owning and maintaining your pool even easier.

Key features and advantages of the IntelliChlor generator include:

  • You get the same sanitation performance as when you manually add chlorine, without the drawbacks.
  • No need to buy, transport, and store chlorine compounds.
  • No more smell, stinging eyes, and irritated skin.
  • Produces water with a softer, silkier feel that comes when only pure chlorine is at work.

If all of this sounds great, contact your pool contractor for more information and pricing. Pool automation systems can be a bit complicated, and are not for the average do-it-yourselfer. Pool automation can be surprisingly affordable especially if you factor in the time and hassle you save by automating multiple functions. In fact, a pool automation system is actually less expensive than some pool features and accessories. And the ease of use and remote capabilities can’t be overstated.

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