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Is An Inground Pool Worth The Money?

It depends. We get this question a lot. It’s the old debate over wants vs needs. Should you take the plunge and invest in an inground pool? Full disclosure: as a pool contractor, we’re biased. We love pools! We’ve installed…

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Automatic Pool Covers Baltimore

Automatic Pool Covers – The Pros And Cons

Automatic pool covers are a growing trend for owners of inground pools. Also known as retractable pool covers or electric pool covers, automatic pool covers are just that – automatic. The ease of use allows you to cover your pool…

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pool heater

Is a Pool Heater Worth It?

Here at Woodfield Outdoors, we specialize in inground pools, so when we talk about heaters, we mean inground swimming pool heaters. We can tell you that we’ve never had a client tell us they regretted installing a pool heater. That…

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outdoor shower ideas

Add an Outdoor Shower to Your Pool Area

A trend we love is adding an outdoor shower to your pool area. You’ve seen them near beach houses, at spa retreats, and at some of the larger community and private pools. There is absolutely no reason you can’t have…

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pool waterfall

Inground Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Adding one or many swimming pool waterfalls to your inground pool and spa area can really enhance your pool experience. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of falling water. If you’re in the midst of planning to install…

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