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Inground Pool Installation Near Me

Plan Now for a Beautiful Summer Poolside

The cold days of January are ideal for dreaming about summer. At least they are around here. If you’re dreaming of a poolside paradise, we can help turn those dreams into reality. 

Inground Pool Installation

The first is inground pool installation. That’s where your poolside paradise starts – with a lot of planning, design, obtaining permits, and then the actual pool installation, whether it’s a fiberglass pool or concrete/gunite pool. January is not too early to start the process, especially if you’re considering a custom concrete pool. 

And if you have an existing pool, is it meeting your needs? Is it looking worse for wear? We also do pool repair and renovations for new and existing customers. 


How Long Does It Take to Install an Inground Pool?

Pool Opening

The next thing to consider is getting your pool ready for the season. If you have an existing inground swimming pool, you may know that you can schedule a pool opening any time after the danger of your pool water freezing. Most of our clients want to open their pool in May. While you could certainly open your pool yourself, please understand that it involves a substantial amount of work, as well as getting the chemicals just right.

With everyone wanting to open at the same time, it pays to get on the schedule now, before things get crazy busy. Once the weather warms up and is suitable, we’ll notify clients of when we’ll be out. We can start opening pools as early as late March and early April, which will allow you to enjoy those glorious warm days that pop up unannounced.


When to Open Your Inground Pool

Top Reasons to Hire a Pool Service to Open Your Inground Pool 

Pool Care & Maintenance

The next thing to plan for to enjoy your summer poolside is delegating pool care & maintenance. Most of our clients would rather spend their time enjoying their pool, playing golf or tennis, or going on an outing with the family.

Cleaning your pool and maintaining the right chemical balance can be time-consuming and boring. Why not spend your time doing something more enjoyable? We make it easy with our pool care & maintenance packages. 


Why You Should Hire a Pool Maintenance Company

Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

Our team is dedicated to providing homeowners with exceptional inground pool installation and exceptional pool care & maintenance. We understand that you deserve the best, and that’s what we deliver to Maryland homeowners.

To schedule a consultation for a new inground pool installation, fill out the contact form or call 443-299-6500. To arrange for pool opening and pool care for an existing pool, you can call or email us. As the winter goes on, we will post pool opening and pool maintenance packages on our pool care page

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