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Top Reasons to Hire a Pool Service to Open Your Inground Pool

Warmer weather is a sign it’s time to open up your inground pool, if you haven’t already. Delaying it can allow algae to take over, and no one wants that. But do you open the pool yourself, or hire a pool service?

We’re biased, of course, but we think hiring a pool care company is a really smart decision. Opening an inground pool takes longer than you think, and is more involved than you might think. If you’ve opened up a pool before, you know what we mean. Maybe it’s time to let the pros go to work while you improve your golf swing or do something fun with your kids.

With that being said, here are our top 5 reasons to hire a pool service to open your inground pool:

Reason #1: You Can Easily Damage Your Pool Cover When You Remove It

One of the first tasks in opening your inground pool is removing the pool cover. These covers are large and unwieldy, and you can easily damage them if you’re not careful. Our trained pool care technicians have removed thousands of pool covers, and we do it quickly and efficiently.

Reason #2: You Have to Thoroughly Clean Your Pool

After a long winter, your pool needs a thorough cleaning. This can take hours, and involves using a pool net, pool brush, and pool vacuum. Do you like to spend hours cleaning?

Reason #3: You Need Some Mechanical Knowledge

As a responsible pool owner who wants to protect your investment, you probably had a pool service winterize your pool. In order to open it up for the summer, you need to reverse everything they did. This includes:

  • Removing the winterizing plugs
  • Reinstalling jet fittings
  • Inspecting and changing filters, as well as checking for leaks
  • Getting the pump and filtration system up and running again
  • Replacing or repairing parts as needed
  • Reinstalling ladders, slides, and a diving board

This is a general list, and some require several detailed steps. Do one of things wrong, and you can damage your pool systems.

Reason #3: Chemicals Are More Complicated at Pool Opening Time

After a long winter, your pool water needs some serious adjustments before it’s the clean, clear, and sparkling pool you remember from last summer. It involves the use of algaecide as well as shocking your pool. Trained pool service professionals know the fastest and easiest ways to get your pool chemistry in balance.

And if you choose to go with a pool maintenance contract, you don’t have to store any of those chemicals on your property.


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Make the Most of Your Summer with Pool Care from Woodfield

At Woodfield, we know pools. By purchasing our pool opening service and opting for one of our pool care packages, you are giving yourself the gift of time, as well as peace of mind that your inground pool is well taken care of.

Why spend hours doing pool maintenance yourself, and storing dangerous chemicals on your property? Make your summer exceptional, with the help of Woodfield. We serve pool owners throughout Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County, and Howard County.

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