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New Year, New Pool? – Inground Pool Trends for 2022

As Maryland pool contractors, we keep an eye on what’s happening in the pool industry, and what customers are asking for. So even in the cold month of January, we’re reading up on inground pool trends for 2022. We thought we’d share some of the highlights with you.

Because, if 2022 is the year you’re getting an inground pool, you want to make sure you’re on the leading edge of things. Let’s get started.

Trend #1: Smaller Pools

Also known as spools, the trend of small inground pools is growing fast. Many homeowners with smaller yards are opting for smaller pools. This is especially true for homeowners without children who don’t feel the need for a large pool. But we also know homeowners who install a larger pool for pool parties, and a smaller pool for more intimate adult gatherings.

There are two main types of smaller pools that are becoming more popular: cocktail pools and plunge pools. 

Cocktail Pool

A cocktail pool is generally smaller than 400 sq. ft. and can be rectangular, square, round, or free form. Similar to a spa, you can add heating and jets. They frequently have sit-down benches around the perimeter, so you can sit at the edge of the pool, cool off, and enjoy cocktail hour. 

A cocktail pool makes a big splash in a small space and allows you to incorporate elegant features you might find in a larger pool, such as a waterfall.

Plunge Pool

A plunge pool is even smaller than a cocktail pool in size and the water is deeper.  You cannot swim in a plunge pool, but you can plunge in to cool off, do water aerobics, etc. They are typically 8 to 16 ft. deep. They can be any shape as well.

Trend #2: Architectural Pools

Architectural pools are becoming more and more popular. As opposed to the curvy lines of a lagoon-style pool, an architectural pool is geometric in shape, with clean straight lines. In addition, they are an extension of your home, as the patio goes from your home directly to the pool’s edge. 

We build the pool using the same architectural style of your home and can use some of the same materials around the pool’s edge to achieve a cohesive, seamless look. These pools are generally larger and can be fully customized to incorporate a spa and other pool features.

Trend #3: Pool Lighting

Another trend that started a few years ago that has really taken hold is LED pool lighting. Lighting up your pool at night creates the perfect ambiance for an evening pool party. The traditional white lights have made way for a variety of brilliant hues and calming pastels.

We recommend Pentair pool lights, which are longer-lasting, more energy-efficient, and are available with programmable light controller pads. 


The Best Pool Lights for Your Inground Pool

Trend #4: Combining Fire and Water

This is a hot trend for 2022. You can add fire bowls on pedestals at the edge of your pool, or add fire and water bowls, which have a waterfall that cascades into your pool, as well as the fire feature. They are both absolutely stunning. We recommend pool fire features from PebbleTec

For true fire pit and pool enthusiasts, we can also build a fire pit with benches directly into your concrete/gunite pool. This is a custom feature that will make your pool stand out from the crowd. We can also connect that fire pit to the patio edge with an arched stairway that extends over the pool and to the fire pit seating.

A Word About Hiring a Pool Contractor

If you’ve decided 2022 is the year you’re going to get an inground pool, be sure to check out several swimming pool contractors before deciding who to hire. Do the usual thing of getting recommendations from friends and family, and checking out websites.

But perhaps even more importantly, make sure the pool contractor has experience designing and installing the kind of upscale inground pool paradise that you want. Check out their Portfolio and check their references. Hiring the right company helps ensure you get the finished project you’ll love for years to come.


What to Look for in Pool Installers

Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

Here at Woodfield Outdoors, we have the creativity and technical expertise to provide you with a custom inground pool installation. But that’s not all. As an outdoor living specialist, our team can create an entire outdoor oasis that includes a new patio or deck, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fireplace, a fire pit, and a lush landscape design for your entire property. Simply put, we do it all.

We are currently booking projects to start as soon as the weather allows.  Fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation, or call 443-299-6500 to get started on your own personal paradise. We work with discerning homeowners throughout central Maryland.

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