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Why You Should Hire a Pool Maintenance Company

The first warm days of spring have a lot of us thinking about taking a swim in the inground pool. But the cover is still on, and it’s such a chore to open the pool and get it ready for the season. To ensure it’s done right, we think you should hire a pool maintenance company.

But of course, we’re biased. We’ve been in the pool care business for decades, and we can tell you, we’ve seen a bunch of DIY mishaps over the years. Don’t let that be you. Here are our top reasons why hiring a pool maintenance company is a good idea for any owner of an inground pool.

Openings and Closings Need to Be Just Right

Opening an inground pool for the season and winterizing and closing it in the fall both need to be done just right. Miss a step and the water is cloudy, or a water line freezes. Who needs that headache? Hiring a professional pool maintenance team can ensure everything is taken care of properly.

Chemicals Can Be Tricky

Pool chemistry is a sensitive thing. Your inground pool water needs regular testing, balancing, and shock treatments to prevent bacteria or other microbes from taking hold. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), improper levels of chlorine or bromine can lead to:

  • Acute gastrointestinal illness
  • Skin rash
  • Acute respiratory illness

So you can see you want to get the pool chemistry just right. And many pool care companies include chemicals in their services, so you don’t have to store dangerous chemicals on your property.

Pool Equipment Can Break Down

We wouldn’t advise the average homeowner to try and replace a pool pump or pool heater. If you do it yourself on summer pool care, at least call the pros to address equipment malfunctions. You’re likely to get a faster response if you already have a relationship with a pool care company.

You Get Peace of Mind and More Free Time

Taking good care of an inground pool takes a lot of time you could be spending doing more enjoyable things. By leaving all of these pool care tasks to the pros, you get more free time, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything was done right.

Now Signing Pool Care Contracts

Woodfield is currently signing pool care contracts for the 2021 season. You can choose from several packages including pool opening, a comprehensive pool care package that includes opening, closing, and maintenance, or just pool maintenance. It all depends on the time and desire you have to take care of your inground pool yourself.

Choose a package before 4/15 and save!

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