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Inground Pool Paradise Planning: Pro Tips

If you’re the kind of person who does things without much planning, just laid back and going with the flow, you need to know that you can’t do that when it comes to installing an inground pool. To ensure you get the pool paradise you deserve, you have to do your homework. And a lot of planning. This is one of the many reasons it’s so important to work with a trusted partner when it comes to designing and installing your inground pool.

Based on our decades of experience, we’ve pulled together some basic tips for planning your pool paradise. We’ve also included links to related articles that can help you make some decisions to inform your plan. 

1. Decide What Kind of Pool You Want

Deciding what type of pool you want (and can budget for) is one of the first steps towards getting the pool paradise you deserve. Will it be fiberglass or gunite? Rectangular or free-form? What extras (tanning ledge, waterfall) do you want to include? If you’re open to anything, at least do some research into your preferences.

Get a survey of your property, especially if you plan to build your inground swimming pool close to the property line. This will help any pool builder when you set up your consultations. 


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2. Set a Budget 

Determine your budget for your pool paradise. This may help decide what type of pool you get, how big it is, and what extras you add on. Determine how you will finance your pool paradise. Be sure to include pool landscaping in your budget – whether your pool installer does it, you hire a landscaper, or you do it yourself, there will be bare dirt from the excavation. You obviously don’t want to leave it that way.

At the minimum, you will have to decide what sort of pool decking will surround your pool. You then have to decide if you want the pool decking to connect with your patio and if now is a good time to upgrade your patio as well. Budget for those items too.


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3. Hire the Right Pool Installation Company

Based on the complexity and customization you want for your inground pool paradise, you have to screen pool contractors to find the right one for the job. Get recommendations from friends and neighbors. Review the company websites, and read their reviews on Google and Facebook. Look at their portfolio. Do they do the quality project you’re looking for? Contact several companies for an initial consultation.

Be sure they all include the same aspects of your pool paradise installation – the pool, the pool deck/patio, and the pool landscaping. Decide who you want to work with. It might be worth waiting a couple of extra weeks to get the premier pool builder.


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Why Woodfield

At Woodfield, we have decades of experience creating beautiful and unique pools and outdoor living spaces for our clients. Our process gives you peace of mind from your first step in our showroom to the first step into your new pool.

Browse our Portfolio, and if you like what you see, schedule a call and take the first step toward your pool paradise.

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At Woodfield, we believe you deserve an exceptional inground pool experience. We’re dedicated to designing and building a unique pool paradise for each client. We take your ideas and our experience and expertise to deliver something truly exceptional.

We’ve successfully designed and built top-of-the-line outdoor living solutions for some of the finest homes in Northern Maryland. If you’re ready for an exceptional experience, schedule a call.

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