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9 Must-Have Pool Features for the Inground Pool of Your Dreams

Everyone’s dreams are different. But when it comes to inground pools, there are several must-have pool features for getting the inground pool of your dreams. Incorporate these into your pool design at the installation stage. These take your inground swimming pool from average to stunning, with a tropical feel or resort feel.

Let’s get started:

1. Pool Water Features

For a resort-like serene feel, you may want to add a spillway waterfall at the edge of the pool or one or more fountains. For a tropical feel, include a pool rock waterfall.

Pool Rock Waterfall

2. Pool Lights

LED pool lights create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night’s swim or rocking pool party. It all depends on which fixtures you choose, and whether they are clear lights or colored lights.

Pool Lights

3. Swim-Up Pool Bar

This is a great idea if you entertain a lot or have a very large family. The bar can be poolside right next to the outdoor kitchen. Alternatively, we could incorporate a swim-up island in your pool with the bar on one end and a lounge area on the other, like we recently did for a client in Fallston.

Swim-Up Pool Bar at Home

4. Spillover Spa

Many pool and spa combos feature a spillover spa, and for good reason. The water spilling over brings the continuous sound of flowing water to your pool. 

 Spillover Spa

5. Fire Bowls

There’s something about the combination of fire and water that’s just amazing. This is not a feature to use when small children are nearby. 

Pool Fire Bowls

6. Tanning Ledge

If you like to soak up the sun and work on your tan, a tanning ledge is certainly a must-have. There are several different styles of tanning ledges, but the idea is the same. You have a ledge that you can put lounge chairs on, and still be in the pool to dip your feet or hands in. It can double as a splash pad for smaller children.

Tanning Ledge Pool

7. Outdoor Shower

This may not sound glamorous, but adding an outdoor shower to your pool area is a must-have. With an outdoor shower, you never have to bring the smell of chlorine into your house ever again. 

Must-Have Features for the Kids

If you have young children, you may want to add some additional features. These include:

8. Pool Slide

A pool slide is a great addition to a family pool. There are many sizes and styles, with many options rated to hold the weight of an adult.

Pool Slide


Best Pool Slides for Inground Pools

9. Diving Rock/Jump Rock

Diving boards fell out of popularity a while ago, partly because you must have a large deep end for one to be safe. But kids love to jump in pools. That’s where a diving rock or jump rock comes in. These look especially good in a pool with a tropical feel.

Diving Rock

What will the pool of your dreams look like?

Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

At Woodfield, we believe you deserve an exceptional pool-building experience, from the moment you first contact us to the moment you step into your pool. Over the years, we’ve designed and built custom pools and pool features at some of the finest homes in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

If you’re looking for a pool builder with landscape design and hardscaping experience to deliver you a backyard paradise complete with the inground pool of your dreams, schedule a call.

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