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How to Deal With Winter Pool Damage

Hopefully, you were smart and winterized your pool, or hired a professional to do it. But even if you take all of the precautions, your inground pool can still suffer winter pool damage. While above ground pools may be more susceptible, your inground pool can also suffer the wrath of Old Man Winter.

When winter unofficially begins in November and lasts through March or even early April, there is potential for structural damage to your inground pool, or your pool cover. Winter damage to your inground pool can include:

Pool Liners

Winter pool damage is most common with vinyl liner pools. Prolonged freezing temperatures can freeze most, if not all of the water in your pool. That can lead pool liners to crack, which leads to water leakage. You may not realize there’s a leak until the pool cover literally falls into the pool because of a lower water level. The cover needs a certain amount of water to support it.

Cracked Tile

If your pool was winterized correctly, the water level should have been lowered below the tile line, so the tile would not be affected by freezing water. Freezing water next to the tile can result in cracked tiles.

Burst Pipes

If the pool pump and pipes were drained thoroughly during your pool winterization, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if any water was left inside the pipes and it freezes, that can result in burst pipes.

Damaged Pool Cover

Neglecting your pool cover during the winter months can result in damage to your pool cover, and rising water levels in your pool. Check out our blog on how to clear snow off your inground pool cover for details on when you need to take action to protect your pool cover, and ultimately, your pool.

If you have a mesh cover, it will eventually freeze to the pool water. This is normal. The mesh cover will sink a bit, but will go taut again once the water thaws. You may need to have a pool cover pump to help lower the water level to the appropriate level after a snowfall melts.

Full Pool Repair May Have to Wait Until Spring

We get calls in the winter asking what if anything can be done about pool damage – unfortunately, full pool repair may have to wait until spring.  Most times, we have to wait until the snow and ice melts to fully assess the damage. Then we can put you on the schedule for replacing the liner, tile, or pipes. We may be able to offer some short term solutions to prevent further winter pool damage.

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