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How Long Does Inground Pool Installation Take?

If you’re thinking about getting a new swimming pool, you’re probably wondering how long inground pool installation actually takes. Well, that depends on a number of factors, including whether you want a fiberglass pool or a concrete pool.

The whole process of inground pool installation includes a lot more than the actual construction. There’s the time it takes for a pool builder to come out and look at your property, talk with you about what exactly you want that’s within your budget, take measurements and draw up a design plan. Once you have reviewed the plans and agreed to a plan of action, your pool builder orders supplies and gets you on the schedule.

Once your swimming pool contractors have all the necessary permits, supplies and your go ahead to start construction, here are some ballpark figures you can work with. Sometimes, getting the permit can cause a delay, depending on your county and the specifics of your project.

One Week for a Fiberglass Inground Pool Installation

If you want a pool and you want it now, you may want to get a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools are one-piece structures made entirely from – you guessed it—fiberglass. These pools are made from a mold in the factory. They come in various shapes and sizes, but are not as fully customizable as concrete pools.

Fiberglass pool installation includes:

  1. Excavating the soil.
  2. Setting and leveling the pool.
  3. Installing your pool’s plumbing and filter system.
  4. Backfilling the pool shell.
  5. Installing the pool coping and pool decking.
  6. Completing anything else you scheduled.

.Now of course, the one-week time frame is dependent on the weather and what additional features you may be adding.

Six Weeks for Concrete Inground Pool Installation

If you want a pool made to last, and that you can fully customize for size, shape, tile and more, a concrete pool may be for you. The concrete inground pool installation process is much more involved than the process for installing a fiberglass pool, so it makes total sense that it takes longer to properly install a concrete pool.

Concrete pool installation includes:

  1. Excavation – this can take longer because concrete pools are frequently bigger than fiberglass pools.
  2. Plumbing installation
  3. Constructing the steel cage reinforcements.
  4. Application of concrete – either gunite or shotcrete
  5. Curing
  6. Finishing with tile, plaster, paint and special finishes.
  7. Installing pool coping, decking, etc.

Once again, the weather can play a major factor in installation of your concrete pool. Heavy rains or extended periods of wet weather can cause delays.

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