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Cool Pool Add-Ons

Your pool can be the envy of the neighborhood with some jaw dropping pool add-ons and features. You’ve already decided to invest in an inground pool, so why not go all the way?

Some of the popular options include:

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools, also known as negative edge pools, create the optical illusion of the pool water vanishing into the horizon, as in a waterfall. An infinity pool installation costs more, due to the engineering involved, but the “wow” factor is worth it. Some of the most exclusive hotels around the world are known for their infinity pools.

Beach Entry

Instead of the typical ladder entry or stair entry into your pool, a beach entry pool starts smoothly with the pool deck gradually sloping into the pool. You will still have a few steps to get you deeper into the pool. Also known as a zero entry pool, you can literally walk into the pool, like you walk into the ocean.

Backyard Splash Pads

Who needs to go to the water park when you can have your own backyard splash pad? Splash pads are perfect for kids and kids at heart who don’t necessarily want to go into the pool, but want to cool off and have some fun.

Tanning Shelf

The addition of a tanning shelf, also known as a tanning ledge, to your pool side allows you to work on that perfect tan, and roll into the water to cool off whenever you need to. A tanning shelf is normally attached to the pool side about six inches under the water level, so you stay cool while tanning.


Instead of a more typical waterfall from your spa into your pool, you can add a stream to your pool area. The water from the spa flows into a 3-4 foot wide stream, lined with rocks, with a flagstone “stream bed.” The water will flow downstream before splashing into the pool. Streams are perfect for if you’re going for a more natural look in your back yard.

Bar Stools and Tables

No need to get out of the pool to sit down and sip a cool beverage. Add pool furniture! And we don’t mean pool side, we mean literally, IN THE POOL. Sit in the water on those scorching summer days on UV resistant in-pool furniture.

Turn your pool area into a true backyard oasis with some custom pool add-ons. Your pool will be the one where everyone wants to gather.

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