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How to Choose a Winter Pool Safety Cover

You made an investment in your inground pool. If your pool is new this summer, or your old winter pool cover is deteriorating, it’s time to choose a winter pool safety cover that works for you. We want to clarify between a winter pool cover and a pool safety cover. A winter pool cover is thinner and will keep most debris out. But it will not prevent small children and pets, from falling in the pool if they venture out onto the cover. The cover will collapse, sending the child or pet into the water. They may also be able to slip into the pool at the pool cover’s edge.

Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers, on the other hand, are made to withstand the weight of animals, people, and even cars, without collapsing. We recommend inground pool safety covers from GLI Pool Products. Whatever pool safety cover you get, make sure that it meets or exceeds ASTM International standard ASTM F1346 – 91 for pool safety covers.

This standard requires safety covers to undergo and pass testing, including:

  • Static Load Test. The cover must be able to hold a weight of at least 485 lbs.
  • Perimeter Deflection Tests. This test detects the possibility of entry or entrapment between the safety cover and the side of the pool. Any perimeter opening must be small enough, and the cover must be strong enough to prevent movement that would allow the test object to be passed into the water.
  • Surface Drainage Test. The cover must prevent a dangerous amount of water from collecting on the surface.

Safety covers are durable and lightweight and are a must if you want to prevent accidental drownings. There are two types of pool safety covers – mesh and solid. Both types require the installation of hardware into the pool decking surrounding your pool.  Commercial grade springs on the edge of the pool safety cover will then hook onto the hardware that is secured in the decking.

Mesh Pool Cover

A mesh pool cover is lighter than a solid pool cover. But the mesh weave is so tight, it blocks the sun as well as a solid cover – inhibiting algae growth. A mesh pool safety cover will keep out debris but allow water to drain into the pool, rather than collecting in the middle.

When installed properly, a mesh cover will withstand the weight of

Solid Pool Cover

With a solid pool cover, you may also need to get a pool cover pump, to keep water from collecting in the middle and weighing the cover down. Water will naturally collect in the middle due to heavy rain or snowmelt and can put a strain on the cover.

That is unless you get a solid pool safety cover with a mesh drain in the middle. The mesh drain keeps debris out but allows water to drain into the pool.

Pool Cover Cost

Remember when considering pool safety cover cost that you are making an investment to protect your pool and your family. And a high-quality pool safety cover will last for many years to come.

Pool safety covers are more expensive than standard winter pool covers, but by now you can see that the safety they provide is worth the extra cost. The exact price you will pay will depend on the size of your pool, whether you need a custom shape, and what type of pool safety cover you want – mesh or solid.

Ultimately, which pool safety cover you choose will depend on several factors, including:

  • If you open and close your pool yourself, or hire pool care professionals
  • If you open your pool early, mid, or late Spring
  • Whether you need to keep out a small, medium, or a large amount of tree leaves and debris out of your pool
  • The amount of sunlight blockage you want
  • The level of safety you want
  • How lightweight you need the cover to be
  • If you have pets or children

Professional Installation Gives You Peace of Mind

If this is your first pool cover, or you’re replacing an old one, getting professional installation will give you the peace of mind. You’ll know that everything has been installed correctly. And some pool cover manufacturers require professional installation for the warranty to be valid.

Woodfield would be happy to help you select and install your next inground pool cover. Just reach out by phone or email to get started.

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