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Why GLI Pool Products Pool Safety Covers are a Perfect Fit

At Woodfield, we pride ourselves on installing only the best products. When you invest in your backyard paradise, you want to enjoy it for years to come. That is especially true of your inground pool. One of the best ways to protect your pool and your family during the winter months is with a pool safety cover. We recently joined forces with GLI Pool Products, and we are now a Certified Dealer of their pool safety covers.

More than Just a Pool Cover

A pool safety cover is more than just a cheap polyurethane pool cover. As the name implies, pool safety covers provide an added level of safety. That’s because GLI manufacturers their safety covers to withstand some serious weight. That means a child could walk onto the cover, or a pet could walk onto the cover, and they would not fall in. Even a car could drive onto some of these covers!

With a standard pool cover, the weight of your child or pet would collapse the cover into the pool, with an accidental drowning being a real possibility. And even if you don’t have children or pets of your own, investing in a pool safety cover protects curious neighborhood children, as well as wildlife who might venture into your pool area.

Your pool safety cover is excellent as a winter cover. It’s also an added safety feature for put on your pool while you’re away on vacation during the summer. These safety covers are lightweight, puncture-resistant, and provide a safety feature that can’t be matched by a regular pool cover.

Mesh or Solid?

GLI provides options when it comes to pool safety covers. You have a choice of colors with both mesh safety covers and solid safety covers. Once the initial anchoring hardware is installed in your pool decking or lawn, installing and removing your pool safety cover is easy.

A mesh pool safety cover blocks sunlight to prevent algae growth, as well as keeps debris out of your pool, all while allowing rain and snowmelt to drain through the mesh and into the pool. No need to worry about standing water.

GLI solid pool safety covers are 30% lighter than standard solid covers. They provide 100% sunlight blockage, meaning NO springtime algae growth in your pool. Solid covers come standard with a mesh drain that still provides sun blockage.  You can also get a completely solid cover with a pool pump.

Rectangular and Custom Pool Safety Covers

Whatever the size or shape of your inground pool, GLI can create a pool safety cover that fits just right. GLI provides specific measuring instructions to help ensure the best fit. Woodfield can do the measuring for you if you would like. It can get a little complicated with a free-form style pool. And of course, you can also get a spa safety cover at the same time.

Professional Installation Gives You Peace of Mind

As a Certified GLI Dealer, we are uniquely qualified to measure for your new pool safety cover and install all of the hardware to properly secure it. We can install it as a standalone service, or as part of our pool closing and winterization pool care package.

Woodfield would be happy to help you select and install your GLI inground pool safety cover. Just call or email us to get started.

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