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Why You Should Let the Pros Close and Winterize Your Pool

Unless your inground pool came with the house, you invested a lot of money in getting the pool you wanted. By taking care of your inground pool, you can make it last a lifetime. But improper care can not only shorten the life of your pool and the pool equipment but also can cause pool failure. Don’t believe us? Take a look at last week’s blog, DIY inground pool closing disasters.

When it comes time to close and winterize your pool, save yourself some time and headaches and hire pool professionals. You will also be protecting your investment. It will give you peace of mind knowing that every step was performed correctly. This includes:

  • Thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming the pool
  • Backwashing the pool filter
  • Draining the filter tank
  • Disconnecting and draining the pool pump
  • Disconnecting and draining the pool heater
  • Removing all jet fittings
  • Blowing all water out of water lines, pump, heater, skimmer pipes, and return jet pipes
  • Lowering the water level further if needed
  • Plugging fittings
  • Protecting exposed pipes
  • Removing ropes, floats, metal ladders, and other pool extras and storing them
  • Storing the pump, filter, heater, and screws, fittings, etc.
  • Chemically balancing the pool for winter, including using an algaecide
  • Placing and securing the pool cover
  • Placing the pool cover pump
  • Winterizing the spa if you have one
  • Winterizing waterfall mechanisms if you have them

You can see how it would be time-consuming and easy to miss a step in closing and winterizing your inground pool.

Winter Pool Care

Once your pool is closed and winterized, you still have to keep an eye on things. If you don’t want to venture out in cold and potentially icy conditions, consider our Pool Winter Watch Service, where we:

  • Check pool water levels
  • Lower water levels if needed
  • Check pool equipment

Heavy rain or snowmelt can raise the water level in your pool. We want to keep the water level at or just below the skimmer during the winter when you have your pool cover in place.

Schedule Your Professional Inground Pool Closing Now: Winterize Your Pool

Closing and winterizing an inground pool yourself can easily take a full day and can be tricky. Save time and protect your investment by hiring Woodfield’s pool care team to close your pool for you.

You’ll be happy you did when pool season rolls around again.


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