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Swimming Pool Games

Top Swimming Pool Games

There’s nothing quite like lounging around the swimming pool on a hot summer’s day. But if the kids are having a pool party, having some organized activities is important. Here’s we’ve listed some of our top swimming pool games and must-have pool toys.

Swimming Pool Games

Swimming pool games can be fun, no matter your age. We’ve included a few of our favorite classics. As long as everyone agrees, you can come up with your own creative rules to change things up a bit.

Marco Polo

Combining hide and seek with tag, Marco Polo provides fun for all ages. “Marco” is it, and must close his or her eyes, while calling out “Marco”, Everyone else moves about the pool, calling out “Polo”. It’s up to Marco to locate and tag someone. Once they do, that person is it, and becomes Marco.

Treasure Dive

Like the name implies, in this game, swimmers dive for treasure. Treasure can be anything that sinks, including coins or weighted pool toys. An adult poolside can keep a number of kids occupied with this game.

Sharks and Minnows

In this game, one person is the shark, and the rest are minnows. The shark stands at the edge of the pool, with their back to the rest of the swimmers. Generally, there is a count to ten or so, to allow the swimmers a head start from the shark side of the pool to the safe side. Once the countdown is up, the shark jumps into the water to try and catch a minnow before they make it to the other side. If they do, the minnow becomes the new shark, and the game starts again.

Must-Have Pool Toys

While most swimming pool games require at least two people, some pool toys can be a solo adventure. You don’t have to have a large number of people to enjoy pool toys, and everyone has a favorite. Ours include:

Pool Basketball Hoop

Practice your basketball skills while staying cool in the pool! A pool basketball hoop provides loads of fun for kids and adults. Any small ball will work for this.

Pool Volleyball Net

If you have a larger inground pool, a pool volleyball net is a great pool toy and pool game in one. Some nets float over your pool, with weights at each end to keep the net in place. Others install at the pool edge. You decide what works for you, and let the games begin!

Cool Pool Inflatables

For those who prefer lounging or floating rather than active sports, there are a huge number of cool pool inflatables on the market today. While you can still get a tube or a raft, there are inflatables designed to look like animals, castles, unicorns, inflatable water slides and more. There’s truly something for everyone.

Consider Adding a Pool Slide or Diving Rock

Organized swimming pool games are great, but zipping down a pool slide or launching off of a pool diving rock can be exhilarating, and provide hours of fun, with no set up or inflating required. Just ask your swimming pool contractor about installing one.
Whatever you do, have fun!

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