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Protecting Your Inground Pool From Wildlife

Except for Fido or Fifi, most of us don’t want animals, birds or insects anywhere near our pool area, let alone, in the pool. The good news is, with a few simple steps, you can protect your inground pool from the messes wildlife can make, keep the water clean, and protect wildlife from drowning.

These tips should also help prevent the neighbor’s cat or dog from messing up your pool area, too.

Surround Your Inground Pool Area With a Pool Fence

Maryland law actually requires you to put up a pool fence, for the safety of children. But you can put up a taller, more compact fence to deter unwanted animals of the 4-legged variety from entering your inground pool area. Now occasionally, a deer may jump a fence, or bear might climb the fence. But in most cases, a good pool fence is your first line of defense, so to speak.

Put In an Automatic Sprinkler

If you can put a sprinkler on a timer in your pool area, the unexpected spritz of water will scare most critters away. This can be part of your overall sprinkler system, or a separate unit.

Install an Flashing Infared System

While harmless, a flashing infared system can keep animals away from your pool at night. The system can be put on a timer or set to be motion activated. The pulsing lights scare away animals when they approach your inground pool area.

Install Deer-Repellant Plants in Your Pool Area

Deer will sometimes overcome all sorts of obstacles to get a tasty treat. Instead of planting a snack bar for deer, consider planting deer repelling plants, shrubs and trees. The key is to avoid plants that drop a lot of debris into your inground pool.

Use Candles and Citronella to Deter Bugs

Citronella candles and tiki torches can help keep bugs away. So can a bug zapper, if you really want to have one near your inground pool. Marigolds are also supposed to keep mosquitoes at bay, and deer don’t like them.

Install Pool Steps

Generally, you think of pool steps as being there as a convenience for humans. But if a animal crashes into your pool can’t climb out onto the pool edge, it may be able to scamper out using the steps. A pool ramp or beach entry serves the same purpose.

Install an Automatic Pool Cover on Your Inground Pool

Installing an automatic pool cover on your inground pool makes it so even the thirstiest animals won’t bother your pool. An automatic pool cover is easy to use, and prevents small children and animals from accidentally falling into the pool. It also keeps dugs and geese from using your pool as a landing strip.

If you take all of these steps, you should be able to easily keep your inground pool area free from wildlife.

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