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Is An Inground Pool Worth The Money?

It depends. We get this question a lot. It’s the old debate over wants vs needs. Should you take the plunge and invest in an inground pool? Full disclosure: as a pool contractor, we’re biased. We love pools! We’ve installed hundreds of inground pools in Maryland over the years, so we’ve had this discussion about whether an inground pool is worth the money before.

But if you’re in the midst of determining if an inground pool is worth the money, there are a few points you need to consider:

  1. Real estate value
  2. Your children
  3. Your family
  4. Your community
  5. Creating a “staycation”

Now, if you’re going to struggle to pay off the loan you take out to install your inground pool, then maybe you should hold off on taking the plunge. But if your finances are good and you can afford to install an inground pool, then this discussion really isn’t all about money. Let’s explain.

An Inground Pool Affects Real Estate Value

Yes, an inground pool really DOES increase the value of your property. An inground pool is an amenity that can make your home more desirable to future buyers. Higher end, higher priced homes have a better resale value if they have an inground pool. Now, that’s not the defining reason to install an inground pool, but it is something to keep in mind. Like many home improvements, you may get a higher purchase price for your home with a pool than you would without it, but the difference is unlikely to let you recoup the full cost of pool installation.

How an Inground Pool Affects Your Children and Family

You love your kids, and you love watching them laugh and play. We’re parents ourselves, and we can genuinely say that owning an inground swimming pool adds incredibly to our time as parents. The convenience of having your own pool means your kids will get more joy and use out of it than they might if you have to drive to the club.

Your extended family can also benefit from you owning an inground pool. Family pool parties are a blast. Invite family to house sit for you while you’re on vacation and they can take care of pool maintenance.

Or have the grandparents babysit the kids in your home while you and your spouse get away for the weekend. Having a pool boosts the opportunities for intergenerational bonding.

Your Inground Pool and Your Community

Now, you may want to keep your inground pool strictly a family affair. But you can also get joy from sharing your pool with your community. Host a church youth group or scouting group to a pool party. Many children and teens are not fortunate enough to have their own swimming pool, and appreciate the chance to enjoy your pool.

Creating a “Staycation”

You’ve probably heard of the term “staycation.” It means taking a mini vacation while staying in your own home. If you turn your backyard into your own personal paradise with a pool, outdoor kitchen, patio, and lovely landscaping, why not take advantage of it? Staycations take away the stress associated with traveling, and they cost a lot less than airfare and hotel rooms!

So weigh the pros and cons before you take the plunge. But as for us, we say “Come on in, the water’s fine!”


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