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Inground Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Adding one or many swimming pool waterfalls to your inground pool and spa area can really enhance your pool experience. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as the sound of falling water. If you’re in the midst of planning to install an inground pool, you can incorporate a waterfall into the overall design. You can also add a pool waterfall feature to an existing pool.

Types of Swimming Pool Waterfalls

There are several types of inground swimming pool waterfalls. Which type you pick depends on your style and budget. Any waterfall should complement and enhance your pool area.

Spillover Pool Waterfall

You can easily incorporate a spillover pool waterfall into a tiered pool design, such as a hot tub or spa on an upper level that spills over into the main pool, which spills over into a baby pool. This is definitely a situation where you might want two waterfalls – a spillover spa waterfall and a cascading waterfall.

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Sheer Drop Pool Waterfall

A sheer drop pool waterfall easily becomes a main focal point of your pool design. With a sheer drop waterfall, the water doesn’t run straight down the wall in a sheet. Instead, the pump propels the water forward, making it clear the waterfall is there. It typically falls from a height anywhere from one foot to eight feet.

Pentair Waterfall Effects

Pentair has a number of Magicfalls® water effects that you can build into the pool side. Check out the brochure to see what each one looks like. We recommend Pentair pool products, as they are among some of the best in the industry.

Cascading Pool Waterfall

A cascading pool waterfall, or pool rock waterfall, incorporates natural rock or manufactured rock, as well as plant material. This type of waterfall can create a tropical feel. The water runs down and over the rocks as it falls, Depending on the force of the water, you can have a loud, cascading effect, or a slow trickle into the pool, for a relaxing vibe.

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An experienced pool contractor can help guide you through choosing among the pool waterfall options, working to complement your existing outdoor living area.  Your pool builder will determine the best size of pump and the correct plumbing arrangement to generate the right amount of water flow and appropriate sound level. You may even decide to incorporate more than one waterfall or water feature into your personal pool paradise.



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