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pool safety tips

7 Important Pool Safety Tips

An inground swimming pool makes pool parties a blast, especially in the summer – assuming the weather cooperates. Pool safety is important all year long, but especially so when you may have large numbers of people at your home and around the pool. Below we’ve listed 7 important pool safety tips to protect you, your family, your friends and the neighborhood children from danger.

Never Leave Children Unsupervised in the Pool Area

This is true year round, but especially so if you have small children or your guests have young children. Designate someone sober to watch the children, and enforce pool rules, such as no running and no diving. You could even pay an older teen or college student to supervise. Make sure the person supervising is not be distracted by a cell phone.

Teach Children How to Swim

This is one of the most important pool safety tips. You can only do this for your own children, but if you have a pool, you should invest a little time and money in teaching your children how to swim. Children are the most at risk group for drowning, and are 8 times more likely to suffer an incident if they don’t know how to swim. In many areas, private pools, the YMCA, and the Red Cross give swimming lessons for all age groups. You can also pay someone to come to your home to give lessons in your own inground pool.

Learn CPR

At least one adult in your home should learn CPR. In the event someone falls in the pool, or suffers some other problem in the pool and they stop breathing, CPR can save a life. Classes are readily available in most areas.

Protect Children from Pool Drains

Teach your kids and their guests to stay away from the pool drains, and make sure you install anti-entrapment drain covers and safety release systems to prevent entrapment.

Swim Sober

This is one of the most obvious pool safety tips, but if you or a guest is obviously inebriated, stay away from the pool. One wrong step could send you into the pool, where you could easily hit your head. If anyone appears to be groggy from alcohol, get them out of the pool to prevent an accidental drowning.

Use a Pool Safety Cover When the Pool Is Not In Use

If everyone has moved indoors because it started raining, or the pool party is over, consider using the pool safety cover. Pool safety covers are designed to prevent accidental drowning, and can bear the weight of a young child or pet. Some pool safety covers can even withstand the weight of an adult. And an automatic pool safety cover provides a lot of safety, with very little work.

Many accidental drownings occur each year when children wander into the pool area without supervision. If a child is missing, search the pool and the pool area first.

Ensure Your Pool Safety Fence is Secure and the Gates Lock

Maryland law requires that you have a state-approved pool fence around your inground pool. Make sure the gates are self-latching, and NEVER propped open. Lock the gates to prevent neighborhood children from being enticed into the pool when you are not home. You may also want to install a door alarm if you have an interior door that opens onto the pool area.

By taking a few safety measures and enforcing pool rules, you can have a safe and happy summer, and enjoy your pool to the fullest.


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