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pool maintenance tips

Basic Pool Maintenance Tips for Summer

Looking for some pool maintenance tips? An inground pool is made to enjoy. But no one is going to enjoy it or want to take a swim if you let pool maintenance slip. Regular pool maintenance is important to maintain water clarity as well as keep your pool pump and filter in tip-top condition.

We’ve pulled together some basic pool maintenance tips to get you through the hot and hazy days of summer, as well as deal with the mess left behind after a storm. And if you’re planning on an extended vacation this summer, consider paying a neighbor who has a pool to take care of the pool maintenance for you, or hire a pro. The last thing you want to see when you come back from vacation is a dirty, debris filled pool.

Maintain Proper Pool Chemistry

Performing a pool water testing at least once a week is one of our top pool maintenance tips. Follow the directions on your pool water testing kit, and adjust the chemicals as needed. This includes chlorine, water balancers, pool algaecides, etc. Be sure to follow directions to the letter and take safety precautions when handling pool chemicals.

Know when to shock your pool (after a heavy rain or big pool party) and as needed based on chemical testing.

Clear Debris and Use a Pool Vacuum

Use a pool skimmer on a regular basis (daily) to remove floating debris such as leaves, twigs, dead bugs, etc. For larger debris, you may need to enter the pool to remove it. Use a pool brush and invest in a pool vacuum and use them weekly during pool season to clean the bottom and sides of your pool. Consider investing in an automatic pool cleaner to save time.

Clean the Tile

Another one of our pool maintenance tips is keeping the tiles clean. Just like the tile in your shower, the tile in your inground pool can get grimy and nasty. Don’t let it get that far. Imbalanced pool chemistry can mean too much calcium in your water. This can cause scale buildup on the tile at the water line. You can remove scale with a pool brush or a sponge, along with a tile cleaner designed for your chlorine pool. Keep your calcium hardness level between 200 and 235 ppm and use a scale inhibitor to prevent scale.

Clean the Skimmer and Pump Basket

Just like taking out the trash when it gets full, you need to clean the skimmer and the pump basket when it gets full, or at least once a week. Follow the directions in your pool manual.

Get to Know Your Pool Filter

Get to know your pool filter and how it works. There are 3 types pf pool filters:

  • Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Sand filters

Which type of pool filter you have will determine how often you need to clean it, replace it, or add something to it.

Maintain the Proper Water Level

A pool level that’s too low can allow the skimmer to suck air into the system. This in turn can overwork the pool filter pump, causing it to burn out. A water level that’s too high means the water moves slowly and debris may just float past the skimmer without being sucked in.  Your skimmer works best when the water level is between one third and one half of the way up the opening.

Consider Hiring a Pool Maintenance Company

If all of this sounds like a bit much, and you’d rather spend your time in the pool than maintaining it, you may want to consider hiring a professional pool care company. You can arrange for weekly pool maintenance, biweekly pool care, or just schedule pool opening and pool closing services. There’s a pool maintenance plan to fit your style.

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