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Luxury Pool Glossary: Terms You Need to Know

If 2023 is the year you get a new inground pool, you’re likely starting to do your homework. That’s a good thing. It pays to be informed so you get the pool paradise you deserve. We think it helps to know what some standard luxury pool terms mean so you and your pool contractor speak the same language.

Let’s get started.

Beach Entry

A beach entry pool allows you to walk into the pool rather than use stairs or jump in. It has a gradual sloping entry, which is excellent for small children, your dog if you allow them in the pool, and you.

Concrete Pool

A concrete pool is custom-made with, you guessed it, concrete. It’s fully customizable in shape, size, and pool finish.

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Masonry used to cap a concrete pool wall. Porcelain, travertine, stone, brick, and pavers are among your many options.

Custom Mosaic

A custom mosaic is a tile design forming an original picture or pattern. The mosaic can be part of an all-tile pool finish or incorporated into a plaster pool finish.

Fiberglass Pool

The other main kind of high-end inground pool you can get. We install San Juan Pools fiberglass pools. They’re available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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Fire Bowls

Pool fire bowls are a cool accent feature to your pool. Fire bowls for pools let you modernize your design and add a stunning look by combining fire and water.

Fire Bowls


An imitation cave in a natural, tropical-looking pool. They are usually combined with a rock waterfall.


A gunite pool uses premixed concrete and is very durable. The dry mix is fired through a hose, with water added at the delivery point.

Infinity Pool

An ultra-high-end pool with an infinity edge, where it looks like the water falls over the horizon. An infinity pool requires a higher level of engineering and labor, but the results are stunning.

Integrated Pool and Spa

An integrated pool and spa is one where the spa and the pool are attached and share the same circulating and heating equipment.

Laminar Fountain

Laminar fountains are pool water features that utilize a deck jet to propel water in a perfectly round stream. It can be combined with pool lights for a water and light show.

Laminar Fountain

Lap Pool

A long, rectangular pool designed for swimming laps.

LED Pool Lights

The industry standard for pool lights. LED pool lights are long-lasting and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Available in clear and color-changing lights.

Pebble Pool Finish

An aggregate or pebble texture pool finish that is applied to your concrete pool’s interior for an upscale look. We recommend PebbleTec®.

Plaster Finish

The most common and affordable concrete pool finish that provides a smooth surface. It’s a mixture of Portland cement, silica sand or marble dust, and water.

Pool Tile

The third option for your concrete pool finish. You can do the entire pool in tile or have tile at the waterline and other accent areas.

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Rock Waterfall

Another option for a pool water feature, a rock waterfall, is for a more natural, freeform pool design. The water cascades down and into the pool using natural or manufactured boulders. Consider incorporating a diving rock or grotto into the design.

Rock Waterfall

Sheet Waterfall

Another pool water feature with a more classic look. A sheet waterfall features water that cascades down in an unbroken sheet. They can be built to custom lengths.

Spillover Spa

A spillover spa is raised above the pool level, so the water flowing from the spa creates a waterfall cascading into the pool. Also called a raised spa, it may have its own circulating and heating equipment.

Swim-up Bar

A bar or snack area with a table/counter and underwater stools that is accessible from the pool. It can be entirely within or at the pool’s edge.

Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge, or Baja shelf, is a ledge built into your pool where you can set up lounge chairs or let your little ones splash and play while sitting comfortably.

Underwater Bench

An underwater bench can be built into the side of your pool to offer people a place to sit without getting out of the pool. Consider adding hydrotherapy jets in the same area.

We hope this glossary helps you determine what features you want to include in your pool design. Please reach out if you have any questions or are ready for a design consultation.

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