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January Is a Great Time to Start Planning for Your Inground Pool Installation

The weather outside might be frightful, but dreaming of a summer poolside is delightful. January is the perfect time to start planning your inground pool installation, for several reasons. The entire process can take months, so if you want to have your pool open for Memorial Day weekend, start making some decisions and start planning now.

Reasons January Is a Good Time to Start Planning

There are 3 main reasons why starting your inground pool installation planning in January is a good idea.

  1. By starting your pool installation planning in January, you beat the rush. Pool builders are not as busy and can do a design consultation with you sooner than they would in the spring.
  2. Once you hire a pool contractor, they have to pull permits before any work can begin. By starting the process early, you’re likely to get your permits faster than you would in the spring. Your HOA (if you have one) will also likely approve your project faster during the winter months.
  3. You get a longer pool season. By starting the planning process earlier, you go to the top of the list when the ground is ready for excavation. This means you can open your pool at the first sign of warm weather.

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Before you hire a pool builder, you’ll need to make some basic decisions regarding your inground pool. Let’s take a look.

Pool Location

OK, we understand that your inground pool will be in your backyard. And if your property is smaller, it will be obvious where to locate the pool. But if you have a larger property, you have options. Do you want the pool further away from the house? That might be a good option for adults who want privacy. But if you have kids, you’ll likely want to locate the pool closer to your house so you can keep an eye on things.

Look up. If there are deciduous trees, you’ll need to consider if they should stay. Keep in mind that when spring or fall rolls around, you might have a lot of debris in your pool. You’ll also want to get the utility lines marked to help inform your decision.

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Fiberglass vs Concrete Pool

Once you know where you’re going to locate your pool, the next big decision is whether you want a fiberglass pool or a custom concrete pool. Both have their pros and cons, and you’ll need to decide what factors are most important to you.

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Pool Size and Shape

How big your pool is will depend on the size of your yard and what you plan to use it for. You don’t want it to be so big you don’t have any yard left for the dog to run around or the kids to play.

Do you want a classic rectangular pool or a free-form pool with a lagoon feel? Both shapes are available in both fiberglass and concrete pools. Keep in mind that since a concrete/gunite pool is built by hand that the more complicated the shape, the longer it will take to build, increasing your final price.

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Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

A custom pool installation or backyard makeover can take longer than you think. You’re smart to start your planning now. Hiring the right pool design and installation company can help ensure the process goes smoothly, from the initial consultation to permitting to installation to the first pool party.

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