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Halloween Pool Party Idea – Turn Your Inground Pool Into A Spooky Lagoon

Summer may be over in Maryland, but Halloween gives you the opportunity to have one last pool party before you close your pool for the winter. OK, if your inground pool is heated, you might have a few brave souls who want to actually go in the water, but the idea here is for a poolside party. Keep reading for some spooky Halloween pool party ideas to help you turn your inground pool into a spooky lagoon.

Invite Your Skeleton Pals

If you’re big in to Halloween, you might already have a skeleton or two you can use for this. Bones needs to be plastic, not paper, because you’re going to dress him/her in swim trunks or a bikini and strategically place your barely there pals in or on a pool float such as a tube or raft. You can also place them pool side on a lounge chair. Think of all the fun selfies!

Floating and Glowing Jack o Lantern Buckets

Gather every jack o lantern bucket you have, or stock up at the Dollar Store. You can use LED tea lights or glow sticks for this. Place the activated glow sticks or turned on LED light into each jack o lantern and gently push them out into the pool water.

Use Orange or Red LED Pool Lights

If your inground pool has pool lights, you probably have the option to change the color of the lights. Using orange lights will give the pool water a Halloween feel. Red lights can mimic the look of blood. Gross. But that’s the vibe you’re going for.

Rent a Fog Machine

We’d forgo the dry ice, because it’s kind of a hassle, and handling it improperly can be dangerous. You may be able to rent a fog machine from a local rental store or spring for one at your local party store. You’ll also have to get the fog liquid. This can look really cool if you point the fog machine so it creates a fog over the pool.

Hide Scary Glowing Eyes in Creepy Places

This is a pretty cheap trick. Use toilet paper or paper towel rolls and cut out matching eyes. (It helps to draw them first.) Place activated glow sticks of different colors in the rolls, and then place them in the bushes, the branches of a tree, in a darkened window of the pool house, or anywhere you can think of where they might surprise someone passing by. Tape or wire to hold them in place would be helpful.

Don’t Forget the Playlist!

Whether you’re old school and have a bunch of CDs, or you have a playlist on your phone and use a Bluetooth speaker, the right music or sound effects can set a creepy mood. Consider the age range of your guest before selecting music. Also consider whether you want explicit lyrics. Some popular choices include:

  • The Monster Mash
  • Thriller
  • Ghostbusters
  • Stranger Things soundtrack
  • Twilight Zone theme
  • Werewolves of London
  • I Put a Spell On You

You get the idea. Have fun with your pool party, and Happy Halloween from all of us here at Woodfield Outdoors!

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