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Beautiful Pool Designs for Small Back Yards

Bigger isn’t always better. It’s a myth that you need a huge back yard in order to have an inground pool. Over the years, we have created some beautiful pool designs for small back yards. Granted, the pool may take up a larger proportion of your total outdoor space than it would with a larger yard. But hey! That means less grass to mow.

Inground Pool Design Ideas for Small Back Yards

For the purposes of this article, we are going to talk about inground pool designs that are 15-20’ long or 20-25’ long. For an idea of what we’re looking at, take a look at San Juan Pools. We mention them because we’re a certified installer for their fiberglass pools.  And keep in mind that since they are manufactured, most fiberglass pools have a maximum width of 12’

Free Form Pool Designs

Free form pool designs are very popular for yards of all sizes, but especially for small back yards. These curvy pool designs pack more swimming area into less perimeter footage than a rectangular pool. Free form pools are great for pool parties where you and the kids want to lounge or splash around. The various nooks and crannies allow for private conversations, as well.

And with their curvy shape, free form pools allow for more decking space to set up lounge chairs or a table. This is one of the big reasons free form pools are a popular choice for small back yards.

Keep in mind that many free form pool designs are not suited for lap swimming.

Rectangular Pool Designs

Did someone say lap swimming? Rectangular pool designs are perfect for easily swimming laps. And the classic and clean lines of a rectangular pool will never go out of style. Rectangular pools are also good for pool games like water polo and volleyball.

Check out Pinterest and other websites for some ideas of rectangular pool designs. They’re anything but boring!

Fiberglass or Concrete?

It’s important to note that fiberglass pools require less yearly and lifetime maintenance than concrete pools, which makes them a great choice for smaller yards. But concrete pools can also be custom made to your size specifications, while fiberglass pools come in more limited size options.

Another thing to keep in mind is how the various trucks and excavating equipment will gain access to your back yard. And don’t worry about how the fiberglass pool will get there. We can use a crane to lift it over the top of your house if needed.

Hire Professional Pool Contractors

When you have looked through the various pool designs for small back yards, it’s time to hire professional pool contractors. If you are getting a fiberglass pool, check out the various manufacturer websites. If you are getting a concrete pool, make sure your pool contractor has years of experience in that area.

Ask friends and family for recommendations, and who to avoid. You want to get this right.

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