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The Pros and Cons of Inground Fiberglass Pools

Here at Woodfield, the two most popular types of pools we install are fiberglass and concrete. Therefore, our pros and cons will compare fiberglass inground pools to concrete inground pools.

Fiberglass Pool Pros

Depending on what sort of inground pool you’ve been dreaming of, the following fiberglass pool pros will make your decision very easy.

Fiberglass Pool Installation Time

Fiberglas pool installation time is far shorter than the time it takes to install a concrete pool. Your fiberglass pool shell is manufactured and delivered to your home. Your fiberglass pool can be in the ground and filled with water in 2-3 days. All the finishing touches, including your patio, landscaping, and everything else can be installed in 2-4 weeks. A concrete pool installation can take 3-6 months.

Fiberglass Pools Are Durable and Flexible

A fiberglass pool is durable both inside and out. A seamless one piece shell, it is also flexible, and not prone to rips and tears, or cracks. If you maintain your fiberglass pool properly, it will last decades.

Fiberglass Pool Cons

There are some drawbacks to fiberglass pools, especially if you have your heart set on designing a custom pool.

Fiberglass Pools are Not Easily Customized

Because they are manufactured, there are set shapes, depths, stairs, and other features with fiberglass pools. Once you choose a pool model, that’s pretty much it. You won’t be able to draw a custom shape, get a custom depth, etc. like you can with a concrete pool. And fiberglass pools can only be 16’ wide. This is mainly to ensure safe transport, and without exorbitant transport costs that come along with a superload.

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