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Top 5 Benefits of an Inground Pool in 2020

As Maryland inground pool contractors, we know we’re biased, but 2020 is really a great year to have an inground pool. Some of the benefits of an inground pool in 2020 are unique to our current circumstances, but the benefits will continue for years to come.

So here are our Top 5 choices:

1.   The Pandemic Did Not Affect Your Pool Opening

Staying at home during a pandemic is a lot more fun if you have an inground pool. You can spend outdoor time with your family while still following COVID-19 precautions.  Investing in your inground pool is really paying off this year.

2.   Your Inground Pool Is Good for Your Mental Health

The soothing sounds and feel of water are good for your mental health. So is the ability to be able to relax without worrying about whether the person next to you is healthy or not. And your pool is a great place to chill when things start to return to normal.

3.   It Keeps Your Kids (And Grandkids) Happy

Being stuck at home with parents for teachers is not anyone’s idea of fun. Summer vacation never looked so good, even if it’s spent in your own back yard instead of flying off to exotic places. Now that the weather is warm and your inground pool is opened up, your kids will be out of your hair and in the pool. Little ones will still need adult supervision, of course.

4.   You Can Exercise Even When the Gym Is Closed

If you’ve been missing your regular aerobics class at the gym, or lifting weights, never fear. You can still get a workout, with the help of your inground pool. Consider swimming laps, or doing your own water aerobics. Both are great forms of exercise, with water aerobics being good for when you need something low impact. Or, you can create a workout station poolside, and then use your outdoor shower before you jump in the pool to cool off.

5.   Your Pool Encourages You to Get Some Vitamin D

On hot summer days, people without pools are more inclined to stay indoors with the AC cranked. But if you have an inground pool, you’re ready to go outside and enjoy the sun, and get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Lounging poolside or soaking in the pool are great ways to enjoy the sun, but stay cool at the same time.

Install an Inground Pool in 2020

If you don’t already have an inground pool, but you’ve always dreamed of having one, make 2020 the year your dreams come true. Research and contact several inground pool contractors before seeking bids. Make sure you have a list of questions to ask them so when it comes time to choose who you’ll work with, you can compare bids line by line and question by question.

You’ll be swimming in no time and enjoying all the benefits of an inground pool!

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