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Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Lined Pools: Which is Better?

At Woodfield Landscaping, we have been helping  buyers compare and contrast the different types of Maryland pools available.  Some of our customers prefer a fiber glass pool, while others prefer vinyl liners. Just as decisions in your daily life have pros and…

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Examining and Replacing Pool Liners

If you have an inground pool, this is an exciting time of year for your family.  The weather is getting warm, the school year is winding down, and the invitations for summer barbecues will be coming in very shortly.  To…

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Tips for the DIY Landscaper

In the last 15 years, we have seen resurgence in the Do-It-Yourself Culture.  With the increased amount of Arts & Crafts supply stores, as well as big box home improvement stores, we are bombarded with messages empowering society to be…

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MD Homeowners and the Landscaping Industry

The Maryland landscaping sector is on the rise and it could be due to the current economy in the state.  Maryland may be one of the few states not completely suffering from the economic conditions.   The National unemployment rate, as reported in…

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