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4 Tips for Summer Pool Maintenance

It’s officially summer, and if you have a pool you’re probably using it frequently in this heat. Although the advantage of having a pool comes with a chore of maintaining it, at Woodfield Landscaping we know that the maintenance is crucial if you want your pool to serve you a long time. Just follow these tips and establish a daily routine, and your pool will stay safe and swim-ready.

Pool Maintenance Tips

Keep the pets out of the pool

Dog hair can clog the water filtration system pretty fast thus slowing down water circulation and potentially allowing bacteria growth. Aside from that, you end up with a task of cleaning up wet dog hair and staying away from the smelly culprit, the wet dog that will have to be kept outside until it dries. If you have a dog that jumps in the pool whenever it gets a chance, invest in a pool fence. Not only it will keep the dogs away, but will also provide some privacy.

Check on the skimmer basket frequently

It’s better to spend 5 minutes a day checking and cleaning your skimmer basket than waste entire day fighting algae and returning the pool water back to safe chemical levels. If your pool is located close to the trees, you can get a night-time pool cover to minimize the amount of debris landing in the water.

Test the water often

This will give you a chance to catch any problems on early stages. You can get test strips in a pool supply store. Once you dip the strip in the water, it will show the levels of chlorine or bromine in your pool, the alkalinity and pH. This way you can easily adjust the chemicals to restore the balance. It’s better to add chemicals after the sun goes down to ensure their maximum effectiveness.

Wipe down pool surface above the water line

Most likely, you don’t shower every time before getting in the pool. On the contrary, most of us shower after all the sunscreens, body lotions, body oils, cosmetics, etc. end up in the pool water. These substances tend to accumulate along the water line and the bright summer sun often bakes them into the pool liner. If you don’t wash off those greasy compounds on a regular basis, you’ll end up with a dark line just above water surface. It often requires the help of your local Maryland pool repair professionals to get rid of the discoloration.

Follow these simple steps, and you will significantly extend your pool’s life. And don’t worry if you occasionally forget to take care of your pool, because Woodfield Landscaping is here to help you with any needed repairs.

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