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Fall Yard Care and Landscaping Tips

Are you excited for the fall? Is the main excitement about not having to cut grass anymore? That’s certainly a good reason, but if you want your yard to look nice and groomed throughout the winter, you might need to put one last effort into it.

Woodfield Landscaping is here to share a  fall landscaping checklist to help you get your yard ready for the winter.

Fall Landscaping Checklist

Cut grass one last time

Short grass will focus growing efforts on the root system, will attract fewer diseases and won’t catch leaves as much. But don’t go shorter than one inch to leave grass some length to feed.

Remove dead and dying

To save yourself some time in spring and to have your yard looking less depressing throughout the winter, get rid of anything dead. This includes dried up branches, dead shrubbery, spent blossoms, and so on. If you grow flowers, be sure to check the care instructions, because some of them will grow new flowers in spring on what now seems like dead stalks.

Cover delicate plants

If you have plants or trees that don’t particularly enjoy cold temperatures and dry freezing winds, then take special care of them. Mulch around the trees, hide small plants under overturned pots and wrap fragile shrubbery in burlap.

Plant new trees and shrubs

Not everyone knows it, but fall is actually a great time to plant new plants, because they get less stressed in cooler weather and have plenty of time until spring to grow strong. Another bonus is that a lot of the plants are on sale, so you can score a really good deal. Be sure to plant some evergreens, so that your yard looks colorful over the winter.

Arrange a spot for the fall activities

Summer is great for outside fun, but so is fall. Put away your summer deck/yard furniture, but leave couple wooden chairs or a picnic table for late night fall hangouts. Use the table to host outdoor pumpkin-carving party or a cookout. If you have a portable fireplace, pick a level spot for fall bonfires or just make a new fire pit.

Shut down irrigation system

If you have sprinklers or some other irrigation in your yard, cut off the water and empty out the pipes before winter comes. Cold temperatures will cause water to freeze, which can lead to pipes cracking.

We perform a wide variety of landscaping services in Maryland, so if you don’t have time for the fall yard maintenance, just give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

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