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6 Ideas For a Backyard Stone Walkway

A neat narrow stone walkway can add beauty and functionality to your yard. With a pathway, you can connect several destinations, create a handy shortcut or make a decorative statement. Whether you’ll use it just to get from the backdoor to the pool or to roam your yard enjoying the beauty, Woodfield Landscaping knows several tricks to make the pathway stand out.


Go big

Use large stones to create a solid sturdy walkway.





Space out

Leave some space in-between the stones and plant grass or Irish moss in the gaps letting it slightly overgrow the edges of the stepping stones. You’ll end up with a beautiful contrast of grey and green, which will create a storybook feel and add charm.


Play with shapes, colors and patterns

Plain grey square or rectangular stone is not your only choice for your Maryland patio walkway. Nowadays, you can customize almost everything, so do your research before deciding to suffice with boring tile. Depending on your style and budget, you can choose stone tiles shaped like leaves, circles and other unconventional shapes.


Get creative

Don’t be afraid to be creative and let your imagination loose. You can make a piece of art out of a simple pathway by employing mosaics, overlaying techniques and adding personal touches and details.



Take care of the surroundings

Make sure the pathway leads through a neat well-groomed landscape. A good idea is to plant fragrant herbs or flowers that will bloom throughout the summer. They will please the eye and greet every traveler with a pleasant aroma.


Keep it  simple

If all you want is to get from point A to point B fast and safe, then brick or gravel could be your perfect solution. Gravel gives out the earthy vibe and provides a nice cushion and crunchiness when you walk. To accentuate it, plant moss or other bright plants along the sides of the walkway.

Is your property lacking attractive and functional pathways? Don’t worry, because this is an easy fix. If you are looking for local Maryland landscaping services to help with your landscaping or stone walkway projects, be sure to keep us in mind!

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