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Winter Pool Cover

Winter Pool Cover Care Tips

Most of us think about our inground pools a lot during the warmer months – pool parties, relaxing while getting a tan, swimming laps for exercise. But once the pool is closed for the winter, you can’t just forget about it. With a little thought and care for your inground pool cover, the cover will last longer, and opening your pool in the springtime will be easier. Just follow these winter pool cover care tips:

Clear Off Leaves, Branches, and Other Debris

Whether you have a solid cover or a mesh cover, it’s important to periodically clear off leaves, branches, and other debris. Use a leaf blower, leaf net, reaching tool, or soft bristle brush to clear away any debris. Twigs and branches can pierce some pool covers, and piles of leaves can prohibit proper drainage. 

Also, check around the edges of the cover and remove any debris that got wedged under the edges. By keeping the cover clear of debris, you will protect the cover.

Check the Tension

Pool safety covers are held in place by springs and straps that attach to the pool deck. It’s important that the springs have the same amount of tension, and that the straps are tight, with no gaps between the cover and the pool. You may need to tighten the straps periodically, being careful not to stretch the cover too tight. 

Maintain the Water Level

Heavy winter rain or snowmelt can cause the water level to rise, just as water evaporating can lower the water level. The water level in your inground pool should be below the skimmer, but not more than 18” below the top of the pool. This could cause the cover to sag, stretch, or even pull the deck anchors out. Use a hose to add or remove water from your pool as needed to maintain the proper level.

In addition, if you have a solid pool safety cover, you may want to purchase a pool cover pump to help drain away excess water.

Mark Your Cover

This may sound strange, and you may not need to do it unless there is big snow coming. You may want to mark the perimeter of your inground pool so that no one accidentally walks on it, and that if you decide to clear the pool deck of snow, you stay well away from the pool cover. You can use snow stakes or driveway markers similar to what you see around fire hydrants or at the edge of people’s driveways so they know where to use the snowblower.


Do You Need a Pool Cover Pump?

How to Clear Snow Off of Your Inground Pool Cover

Call the Pool Care Team If You Need Help

While the Woodfield pool care team is most active in the summer months, we can still help clients with pool issues in the winter. If you notice your inground pool is having problems, or the winter cover has ripped, collapsed, or blown away, we can help.

Call 443-299-6500 and let us know what the issue is. Many pool repair issues will need to wait until spring, but replacing a damaged pool cover can be an easy fix.

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