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8 Reasons to Choose an Inground Pool

Is there any better way to spend the summer than to relax in your own pool? Probably not! But if you don’t have an above ground or inground pool of your own yet, you have a very important decision to make:

Which is better: an above ground or inground pool?

A permanently-installed inground pool can add value to your home, enhance your landscape, and provide an awesome place for entertaining, exercising, and lounging. An above ground pool, on the other hand, offers some of these benefits – but not all. So let’s discuss all the reasons why an inground pool is the right choice for your home. That way, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision about your next pool purchase!

Why Custom Inground Pools Are Better Than Above Ground Pools

1. Longevity

The crucial difference between these two pool options is simple: one is temporary, the other is permanent.

Your run-of-the-mill above ground pool will last somewhere between 7 and 15 years before it collapses completely (and that’s if the liners haven’t given out by then).

An inground structure, on the other hand, could very well last up to 50 years if built with the right materials. If it’s a concrete pool, you may need to resurface it every 9 to 13 years, but you certainly won’t have to worry about a complete structural disaster.

2. Quality

The majority of inground pools are made out of either concrete (gunite or shotcrete), fiberglass, or vinyl. Concrete pools are the most popular type of pool, because they can be formed to any size or shape for a truly custom inground pool.

Most above ground pools are considered temporary additions to your property, even though you have to spend a considerable amount of time and money on installation and upkeep. They range in quality from the typical $100 inflatable pool that you can toss in the garbage at the end of the summer, to the top end variety that will run you into the tens of thousands of dollars.

And because you might need to move (or even tear down and store) above ground pools in the winter months, they tend to not be a fixed structure. The frame that provides the strength for the pool is usually made of coated steel, aluminum, or a plastic resin – depending on the model.

3. Size

One of the best things about custom inground pools is having a “deep end.” That’s where you can dive, cannonball, and tread water without touching the bottom.

But with above ground pools, you’re limited to one uniform depth from one end to the other. And because young children may use the pool, it’s rare that above ground pools reach anywhere near the depth of inground pools.

Also, you probably won’t be swimming laps in an above ground pool any time soon. Sure, you could create an Olympic-size above ground pool – but it would cost a fortune in construction and future maintenance.

4. Features

Inground pools can have attached spas, fire features, waterfalls, fountains, and lighting, and they can be incorporated beautifully into your landscaping. They can also be customizable, so you can make your pool any color you like or have it built with negative edges that seem to flow into the horizon.

You can attach automatic pool covers or safety covers, benches, and swim-up bars. You could include shallow water tanning ledges, and build seating into the walls.

Virtually anything you and your pool designer can imagine can become a reality with an inground pool.

5. Appearance

Above ground pools can be somewhat unsightly, while an inground pool adds volumes to the aesthetic of your property.

When it comes to inground pool landscaping, you can surround the pool with gorgeous flower beds, grass or gravel, tile or stone – you name it. But incorporating an above ground pool into your landscaping can be very difficult, if not impossible. You may end up simply leaving it in a corner of your yard.

6. Custom Design

Aside from their considerably larger size, inground pools also come with another fantastic benefit: they can be designed in whatever size or shape you want them to be.

Above ground pools tend to come in fairly uniform design. Either a large circle, an oval, or maybe a rounded square.

Inground pools, on the other hand, can be any shape. Do you want a pool in the shape of an animal? Easy. Should your pool snake its way through your backyard like the Amazon River? Not a problem.

All you have to do is imagine it, and your Maryland custom inground pool builders can build it.

7. Installation

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, there are around 5 million inground pools in the United States, compared to about 3.5 million above ground pools.

That’s a lot of pools that had to be installed by professionals. Unless you’re an expert on the process and know exactly what needs to be done to ensure your pool lives a long, sturdy life – leave it to the experts.

And yes, the cost of the high-quality materials for an inground pool may be more upfront – but that leaves out the price of the decking required for an above ground pool, which can be much more than the price of the pool itself.

8. Maintenance

It can hardly be argued: Maryland inground pools are much easier to keep clean. Their pump, filter, and cleaning equipment are larger, more effective, and save you considerable time and effort.

Not only can an above ground pool quickly become filthy on the inside – its exterior needs to be cleaned regularly as well. If not, it might become far more of an eyesore as it changes colors with rust, mold, or sun damage.

And if you don’t have a deck built around your above ground pool, it’s much harder to get around it to clean and vacuum.

But every pool, whether above ground or inground, requires careful construction and maintenance. That’s why you need the help of the Maryland inground pool builders at Woodfield Landscaping. We can help you design and build your personal pool and empower you to keep it in the best possible condition for years to come.

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