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Pros & Cons of Installing an Inground Pool in Winter

Can an in-ground pool be installed in winter? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. The answer will be different for every homeowner and will depend on many factors.

Before you say “yes” or “no” to this decision, Woodfield recommends you consider the following factors.

Why you might want to have your pool installed in winter

The pool is cheaper. Because it’s an off-season, you can find some great deals on pools, pool components and accessories.

The labor is cheaper. For the same reason, it is easier to find a Maryland pool installation contractor who would do the job for much less than what you would have paid in summer. You will also have quite a selection of skilled craftsmen to choose from, since winter is typically a slow season for them.

Both you and the workers can take the time to do a quality job. You will have several months until you can actually use the pool, and the contractors will have plenty of time to dedicate to your project.

You can have a pool ready for the season. The installation will be completed well before the hot summer days, so you’ll be able to use your pool as soon as the season starts.

Why you might want to wait until it’s warmer out

The ground tends to freeze. Depending on where you live, the ground freezes in winter up to a certain distance. When the ground is frozen, the excavation becomes difficult, if not impossible. Even if the excavation poses no problems, the compacting might, because frozen ground can’t be properly compacted and may cause uneven settlement later on.

It’s labor-intensive. Even though the labor is cheaper, a winter pool installation might require more labor than a similar project completed in summer.

Unexpected delays. Winter weather is often unpredictable, and if the temperature drops too low or a sudden snow storm leaves the work-site completely covered, you will have to “freeze” the project (no pun intended.)

Can’t test it. The installation might go fine, but it’s not recommended to run the pool equipment in cold weather when the water may freeze inside the pipes.  You will have to wait until the pool season to open your pool and test everything, so you need to make sure you have at least 6-months warranty on all of the pool components.

As you see, you will need to asses all the risks and benefits in your particular situation to determine whether installing an in-ground pool in winter is worth it. And if decide in favor of winter pool installation in Maryland, be sure to let us know and we’ll take a good care of you!

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