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How to Select a Pool Service Company

You love your inground pool. So does your family. But do you love pool cleaning, balancing your pool chemistry, and the dreaded pool opening and pool closing chores? Probably not. That’s where a pool service company comes in. You may also hear the phrase pool care company or pool maintenance company. They’re really all the same. But the services they provide, and what they include in a season package, may differ.

But how do you choose a pool service company? Follow these tips.

Get Referrals

Ask family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who have inground pools who they use, and who to avoid. Ask them what they like about the company they work with. You’re likely to keep hearing the same two or three names. But don’t be afraid to check out the new company in town as well.

Do Your Homework

Visit the company websites. This should tell you how long they’ve been in business, or in the industry. The website should also talk about what pool services they provide, for how much, and if they provide pool chemicals. You should also check out their reviews, keeping in mind that usually, only people very happy or very upset with a service bother to post a review. Pay attention to how the company responds to reviews.

Only Work with Professionals

Make sure the companies you’re considering are licensed, bonded, and insured. Sure, Joe the pool boy down the street is cheap, but what happens if he is injured on your property? You don’t need that headache.

Check Out Their Customer Service

Give each company a call, or fill out their online contact form. How quickly do they respond? Are they friendly? Do they answer all of your questions fully? Do they offer a sign up incentive? Can they work with your schedule and budget?

Get Written Quotes

Ask them to put it in writing, exactly what they will do, and how often. Does the price include pool chemicals? Package pricing may be higher for a company that includes chemicals. But that means you’ll save on buying and storing the chemicals yourself. Decide if you want just pool opening and pool closing services, or if you want that AND regular pool cleaning and pool maintenance.

Can They Also Do Pool Repair?

Sometimes it’s helpful to hire a company that does more than just pool service. If your pool pump is on the fritz, or you have cracked tile, can they do pool repair as well as pool cleaning? Sure, there would be an extra charge, but if you don’t have to research and find another company, that would be convenient.

Choose the Pool Service Company You Like Best

When we say “like” we mean are they personable and professional? But we also mean you like what they have to offer, what their customers have to say about them, what they charge, and more.

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