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Top Benefits of an Inground Pool and Spa Combo

Some things go better together, like peanut butter and jelly, or wine and cheese. It’s the same with an inground pool and spa. While an inground pool provides you with an exceptional outdoor living experience, that same inground pool with a spa transforms your backyard into the lap of luxury.

Here are our top benefits of an inground pool and spa combination:

More Fun and Function for All Ages

Little ones can use the spa as a kiddie pool, almost. Seniors like to use the spa to help soak away some aches and pains. And couples find the spa romantic. Not everyone who comes to a pool party wants to be in the pool. But if the spa is an option, they just might get in the water!

More Serenity and Relaxation Options

A spa is just meant for relaxation, albeit a different type of relaxation than lounging by the pool. Depending on your personality and how you’re feeling on a given day, having both a pool and spa gives you options.

The Combination Allows for Year-Round Use

This benefit may be our favorite. Everyone is sad when it’s time to close the pool for the winter. A heated pool can extend your pool season, but a heated spa allows you to relax in the water well into the fall, and even into the winter months. It all depends on what Mother Nature has in store for Maryland, and how brave you are.

Types of Pool and Spa Combinations

Ok, so now we’ve piqued your interest in getting a pool and spa combination. You need to know that there are several different configurations for your pool and spa design. Which configuration you choose depends somewhat on your space, and the aesthetics you are going for. You are somewhat more limited with a fiberglass pool and spa, but with a concrete pool and spa, your design options are nearly limitless.

Here we list some common pool and spa design options:

1.   Pool with Integrated Spa

An inground pool with an integrated spa is when the spa is located inside your inground pool and gives the look that it is part of the pool’s overall shape. We can build the spa into a corner, side, or end of your pool. Depending on where the utility liens are located. A dam wall separates the two pools of water, so the cold water from the pool doesn’t flow into the spa. An example of this would be the San Juan Pools Olympus Pool and Spa Combo.

2.   Pool with Attached Spa

In this pool and spa design, the two are clearly separate. The spa is adjacent to the pool, and can be any shape or size. We can install the attached spa inground or elevated above ground.

3.   Pool with Overflow Spa

Raised perimeter pool and spa combinations are becoming very popular. In this design, the walls of the spa are lower than the water level, so the water spills over the entire perimeter of the spa and into the pool.. But in reality, the water goes into a containment area, where it is then recirculated back into the spa.

4.   Pool with Spillover Spa

If you like waterfalls, this pool and spa combination is for you. In this design, the attached spa is raised above the level of the pool edge, and one or more sections of the spa wall are lower than the other sections. This allows the water to spill out of the edge of the spa and into the pool. The spillover design can be made to look like a sheet of water spilling in, or several tube-like streams of water.

5.   Pool with Detached Spa

This design is better for when you want your spa to have a certain amount of privacy. You may also want a detached spa for space considerations. You will want to finish both your pool and detached spa with similar materials to give a cohesive look.

Install an Inground Pool and Spa Combo in 2020

If you had to cancel a vacation this year, make the best of a bad situation and invest in your own vacation home. Make 2020 the year you install an inground pool and spa combo. Make sure you research and contact several inground pool contractors for bids. It will be handy to have a list of questions to ask them so when it comes time to choose who you’ll work with, you can compare bids line by line and question by question.

You’ll be relaxing in your spa and lounging by the pool in no time!

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