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Why Autumn Can Be The Best Time For Inground Pool Installation

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This summer sure was a scorcher, and you may have been envious of your neighbors who have inground pools. Loading everything into the car to drive to a community pool can get old, real fast. Walking out your back door to your own pool paradise sounds heavenly in the dog days of summer. If you’ve been dreaming of getting your own pool, you may be interested to learn that autumn can be the best time for inground pool installation.

Most people think of pool installation as being a springtime project, but spring is generally the busiest time for pool contractors, and you may have to wait in line for your inground pool installation. Autumn, on the other hand, is when things are slowing down for inground pool contractors. You can use that to your benefit. Some of the advantages of an autumn or even winter inground pool installation include:

  1. You can get a lower price than a spring or summer installation.
  2. You can avoid annual Cost of Goods increases.
  3. Your pool landscaping has a chance to get established before the hot days of summer.
  4. There may be tax benefits involved.

Let’s explore those advantages.

Lower Cost for Inground Pool Installation

It’s partly due to the law of supply and demand. Prices for inground pool installation are generally higher in the spring and summer because demand is higher. Prices are lower in the autumn and winter as demand falls. Pool contractors don’t stop working when the temperature drops. They need to keep paying the bills, so need to keep the money coming in. And many are likely to offer special pricing to attract new business.

Cost of Goods

Every New Year, we see a “cost of goods” increase from our suppliers. So do other inground pool installation companies.  If we are to make a profit, we must pass some of those increased materials costs on to our clients.


You’re probably familiar with the idea of overseeding your lawn in the fall to allow the grass seed to get a head start in the cool weather of fall. It makes for a lush green lawn in the spring. As you know, inground pool installation involves heavy equipment and excavation, leaving your pool area in need of some new landscaping. By planting grass, trees, and shrubs in the fall, you give your new landscaping a head start, making everything more likely to survive that first summer.

Tax Benefits

There’s no guarantee, and you will want to check with your accountant, but in many cases, the interest you pay on a home improvement loan to finance your inground pool installation may be tax deductible.

The only real disadvantage to a fall or winter inground pool installation is unless there’s a warm spell, you won’t be able to enjoy your pool right away. But we can promise you, it will be worth the wait!


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