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Winter Pool Maitenance Maryland

Why You May Want To Hire A Pro For Winter Pool Maintenance

If you live in Maryland, chances are you’re already done with winter pool maintenance for the season. You have already winterized/closed your inground pool and are ready for the winter. Maybe you did all that work yourself, or hired a pool care company to do a professional job. Just because your pool is closed for the winter doesn’t mean you can ignore it in the winter months.

We’re willing to bet you’re probably not too keen on traipsing out to your pool in all sorts of weather (understandable), so you might want to consider hiring a pro for winter pool maintenance. Most pool care companies will not only winterize and close inground pools, but they will provide winter pool maintenance as well. It might be either as part of a winterization package deal or as a separate pool maintenance deal.

What Winter Pool Maintenance Includes

Professional winter pool maintenance of your inground pool should include several things, like:
– Checking equipment including your pool cover pump
– Confirming the pool water is at the desirable level
– Lowering water level as needed
– Ensuring that the pool cover is securely attached and not damaged

A Word about Snow

Most pool maintenance companies will not clear snow off of your pool cover, that’s your job. If we’re expecting a Snowmageddon, you may want to remove your pool cover and let the snow hit the water and melt instead of collecting two feet or more of snow on your pool cover. Just be sure to replace the pool cover after the storm.

A winter cover should be able to support up to two feet of snow, but if you have more than that, it can stress the pool cover. Use a snow blower or a shovel to clear a path around the pool, being careful to avoid the strap down areas of the cover. You can then use a plastic shovel or a push broom to remove heavy snow from the cover.

Keep in mind that ten inches of snow translates to 1” of water when the snow melts. As a result, you will want to have your pool cover pump ready to pump water off of the pool cover when the temperatures rise above freezing.

Finding a Winter Pool Maintenance Company

If you don’t already have a pool maintenance company, do your research and make some phone calls. Ask your friends with inground pools what company they use. Most importantly, the pros at Woodfield Outdoors are here to help.

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