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Why You May Want To Hire A Pool Maintenance Company To Close Your Inground Pool

Even if you handle the daily, weekly, and monthly pool maintenance tasks during pool season, you may want to hire a pool maintenance company to close your inground pool. Why, you may ask? Because closing a pool and winterizing your pool can be complicated tasks. Skip a step, and you could damage your pool. That’s money down the drain.

You hire pros to work on your car, fix your HVAC system, put on a new roof, and may other tasks around the house and garage. That’s because you don’t have the training, know-how, and equipment to do it yourself. The same can really be said of closing and winterizing your inground pool.

Do you know that there are more than 10 steps involved in closing your inground pool and getting it ready for the winter? Take a look.

  1. Clean the pool.
  2. Test the water and balance the chemicals.
  3. Add an algaecide, metal sequestrant if needed, and WinterPill.
  4. Lower the pool water level as directed by the manufacture and the type of pool cover you will have.
  5. Backwash and clean the pool filter and pool pump.
  6. Blow out and winterize plumbing lines. Use an air compressor
  7. Install winter plugs.
  8. Winterize the filtration system.
  9. Winterize the pool heater if you have one.
  10. Remove pool accessories like handrails and ladders.
  11. Install a winter pool cover and pool cover pump
  12. Monitor the water level all winter long. Not too much, not too little, but just right.

Some of these steps will require you have a helper. And if you have a spa, waterfall, or other water feature, you will need to winterize those as well.

Hire a Pool Maintenance Company for Peace of Mind

So that list is quite extensive, and we didn’t even put in the break down the details of each step. Hiring a pool maintenance company ensures that every step is completed accurately. Doing everything right ensures you have a relatively clean pool come springtime, and that your plumbing lines and pool heater don’t freeze. Your pool maintenance company will also monitor the pool water levels during the winter for you, to ensure the pool cover doesn’t sink into the pool.

Pool closing and winterization plans are well worth the money, and save you time and worry. Even if you handle the regular pool maintenance yourself, this is a good time to hire the pros.


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