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Pool Waterfall

Pool Waterfall Ideas to Inspire You

Luxury pools deserve special features. Adding a pool waterfall to your inground pool paradise is a great way to add drama and flair. The sound of falling water can be soothing and block out the sounds of the neighbor’s lawnmower.

Keep reading to learn about the types of pool waterfalls and which one is right for your pool.

Types of Pool Waterfalls

There are several types of pool waterfalls. Which one you choose will depend on the style of your pool, your tastes, and your budget. These pool add-ons require extra plumbing, electricity, and a separate pool pump. 

While they’re an added expense, hardly anyone regrets incorporating a waterfall into their pool design. That’s because pool waterfalls add beauty and serenity to your backyard.

Main Types of Pool Add-Ons

Pool Rock Waterfall

Pool Rock Waterfall

A pool rock waterfall is what many of us think of first when it comes to pool waterfalls. These are very popular with lagoon-style pools. There are pool rock waterfall kits if budget is an issue, but you could also design and install a custom waterfall with large boulders and slabs of rock.

Your options are limitless, from stepping stones to a cave behind the waterfall to a sliding rock and more.

Sheer Descent Waterfall

A sheer descent waterfall is the polar opposite of a whitewater pool rock waterfall. A sheer descent waterfall has a thin sheet of water that tapers as it enters the pool. 

Sheer descents are elegant and calming and make very little noise. You may have seen one at a luxury hotel pool or spa. You can also customize the height and width of the sheer descent for your pool.

Scupper Waterfalls

Scupper Waterfalls

Scupper waterfalls channel the water through a small opening. Scuppers can be built into the side of a concrete pool. Or, choose fire and water bowls on a retaining wall or short columns for a dramatic effect.

Spillover Spa

Spillover Spa

If your pool design includes a spa, you can incorporate a pool waterfall this way. As long as you elevate your spa from your pool, the water spilling out creates a soothing cascade. Many people choose a spillover spa with one of the other water features. 

What will you choose?


Make It Exceptional. Make It Woodfield.

Are you ready to upgrade your outdoor living space with an inground pool and pool waterfall? Whether you want a classic and elegant rectangular pool or a curved lagoon-style pool, incorporating a pool waterfall makes the pool design uniquely yours. 

The road to your pool paradise starts with hiring a pool builder who can give you the exceptional experience you deserve. That’s what we deliver. We provide custom pool design and installation services for homeowners throughout the Baltimore area, including Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Carroll County, Cecil County, Harford County, and Howard County. Schedule a call today.

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